Welcome to my blog! My name is Michael Wright. In this blog I'll talk mainly about kidney disease and how a patient can cope with it.


In 2011 my kidneys failed, I had to start dialysis.
Doctors told me I was going to need a kidney transplant.
Then, one man changed my life, forever.
I've created this blog to tell the world how it is possible for a kidney patient to improve their GFR and increase their kidney function using only herbal remedies and the holistic medicine.


You can find, clicking this link, the detailed program that enabled me to do that.

After discovering how to reverse kidney disease I've spent a lot of time talking with friends, acquaintances and doctors about the program that helped me reversing kidney disease. It turns out that a lot of patients know very little about a program that could literally save their life. This is why I've opened a blog some time ago, a youtube channel and now this website.

If you're wondering why I moved here, it's because blogger robots decided to close my free blog on their platform without any given reason. So I'm here, self-hosted now, and will reupload all the material I managed to backup.
Right now I'm also writing new material about what I think could be of interest for you and me as kidney patients.
I've done extensive researches about kidney disease and the web for sure was a great help. So I'm willing to give back all that I can. Feel free to browse my blog for news and how-tos.


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26 Responses to Welcome

  1. Derrick Murdock says:

    Hi Michael,

    Congratulations on you getting off dialysis. I have a friend that is being convinced that dialysis is the only option due to his Chronic Kidney Disease. I talked him out of doing it for one year. Now his Nephrologist is scaring him that he is going to die if he doesn’t do it. The scare tactics as usual. The Nephrologist claimed his blood pressure is high, his creatine level is affected, amemia, neuropathy etc. They are not taking into consideration that this individual was not getting the right nutrition for e.g. a high fat and protein diet. The person is on medication that are contributed to kidney issues.

    I look forward to your response.

  2. didith calusa says:

    michael please help me i am from the philippines..i have glomerulonephritis because i have leaks of red blood cells and protien in my urine..my doctor said that if my creatinine level will high i have to undergo to dialysis…im so acared please help me..thank u so much

  3. hichem benkacem says:

    i have proteuniria without explication..no hypertension blood..no diabets…now iam doing all what is benefict for kidneys…i hope your program is usefull…i will do it on myself then advice some patients
    best regards

  4. librada says:

    hello my name is librada m estrella from philippines 4 years dialysis here in philippines and just trying to find medicine for my kidney . my kidney damaged because of brain clot and after 9 months damaged my hair. now 3 times a week dialysis in philippine kidney dialysis foundation pls tell me what i am going todo here.

  5. matthew david says:

    i have stage 5 kidney disease and need advice.
    i am a 44 year old soth african male with indian desent.

  6. ZIA says:

    My father has uncontrolled high blood pressure that ruin his kidney. He has ESRF and doing hemodialysis 3times a week… after 2 weeks of dialysis his creatinine went up more than1000 and very low hemoglobin that needs a blood transfusion.
    I really need your advice. Thanks for your time.

  7. Bea Greyul says:

    Hi Michael

    All my number are just a little more than yours and I have less than 5% kidney function but not started dialysis yet as I have only found out and needed to get my head around it. Do you think the plan would work for me and would you be willing to help if I didn’t understand something from the plan? So happy for you and wishing the same can happen for me as I don’t think I could live being on dialysis.

    Many Thanks

  8. Namrata Prasad Bhatte says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am Namrata P. Bhatte from India. My husband is CKD kidney patient from September 2014 but from this date he was not facing any problem till date but now he is admitted in hospital last 4 days due to increased the creatin level by 24. 8. Now he is on dialysis now his creatine is 17.8 so what will you suggest us to avoid the future dialysis or re function his kidney. He is 35 year old. waiting for your positive reply.

    Namrata Bhatte

  9. joy says:

    I am Joyce from NC USA. I have CKD my creatnine level is 2.44 my doctor said that I’m in stage 4 sooner or later I need kidney transplant or dialysis. I’m really scared right now my child is only 7 years old… Please help me.

  10. Wong says:

    Hi Michael,

    Congratulations on you getting off dialysis.
    My husband has been diagnosed CKD 5 this May and started with dialysis.

    Please advise details of the program.


  11. ramsay says:

    both of my kidneys failed and I’m on 3 day a week dialysis.
    please help me to reverse my kidney function
    many thanks

  12. FARHAN says:

    Hi Michael,

    Congratulations on you getting off dialysis
    My mother was diagnosed as needing dialysis IN 2014, and her age is 66 she gets leg cramps,weakens and is so wiped out, and when she does get home she falls straight into bed.and we still getting problems because she can not eat properly with out salt low potassium low phosphorus food,all the the time i am so much depressed to see her …really i love my mother i want to change her life with donate my kidney but hospital rejected me last year, i need your advise bro

  13. bebing ayo says:

    Im bebing ayo and i just resdarch how to curd chronic kidney disease just bcoz of my sister diagnozed a chronic kidney disease stage 5 and she having a dialysis twice a week for,almost a year…i want to,ask some idea how to help her to get off from dialysis machine bcoz its too much presseure and stress to my family when it comes to financial…hope you can share idea so that it can help her..i feel so pity with her condition,my family cNt afford to do for transplant so the only things that can sustain her life is a dialysis…

  14. Seeta says:

    Hi Micheal, can you email me with a phone # that you can be reached. I would love to talk to you about my CKD…

  15. Seng says:

    Please let me know full details of your treatment. That will help to safe my father from dialysis

  16. Ralph says:

    Plss email me

  17. Norma says:

    Kidney disease is a complex and progressive disease. Once the disease starts the deterioration of kidneys will continue (the rate of deterioration may vary from patient to patient). Avoiding dialysis when the creatinine is high could be very dangerous. Toxins from the body must be removed otherwise you will notice many side effects e.g. breathlessness, black spots, itchiness, nausea, low HB, high potassium and phosphorus, low calcium.

    Take care of the basic and important things first and then look for alternative treatments. A fine balance between modern medicine and alternative treatment can prolong your life. Going exclusively with either of them could be dangerous. Make sure the alternative treatment you take does not contain any chemicals, steroids or metals. This will further damage the kidneys. And more importantly listen to your body. Gentle yoga or meditation can also help in calming you down and help you with your blood pressure. The two main reasons for kidney disease are diabetes and blood pressure. A combination of both could e deadly.

    Listen to your doctor and discuss the options with him/her. After all your doctor is there to help you.

  18. Pauline Harry says:

    What was your percentage of kidney function when you started Protandim versus now?

  19. Colin says:

    Hello Michael congratulations on how you got off dialysis I would like information about the program. I been on dialysis for 6 years and I would like to get off soon. .hope you reply…thank you!

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  21. Mary says:

    Good day,
    I need more information about the program that save your life. My mother has Ckd. Your urgent response will be appreciaTed. Thank you for your youtube video and blog, it really educative. Hope to see your reply soonest

  22. lalit kumar says:

    i am on dialisis right now . can you tell me how i can get back my kidneys work by natural way

  23. Leslie OBrien says:

    I just read your amazing story. I just found out recently that I have stage 5 kidney disease. I am willing to do whatever it takes to not have to start dialysis. My nephrologist wants me to see a surgeon to put in a fistila this month. I would love to give my body a chance to try to heal itself, before taking that huge step. Please help me get started on this program.

  24. Noufal says:

    Let me know the details of treatment

  25. Latha says:

    Hi Michael

    I am from india, Please email me. I like to talk to you personally.

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