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Published on April 5th, 2018 | by Katherine


How Diet Sodas Are Killing Your Kidneys

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5 Kidney Killer Bad Habits That Are Putting a Strain on Your kidneys more than anything else.

While diet sodas are one of the worst risk for your kidneys (more in the video), if you’re serious about your body health and your renal function, you need to get rid of these 5, little known, bad habits right now.
If you’re often feeling tired and are experiencing other symptoms like digestion problems or a feeling of general sickness, there are chances your kidneys are already in danger.
These 5 little known bad habits have been shown to put under great pressure your kidneys, and to cause the worst problems on the long run.
Disclaimer: seek appropriate professional advice before taking any action based on the info provided on this channel.
The kidneys have the life-sustaining job of filtering and removing wastes from about 200 quarts of blood every single day.
The food that your body uses to generate energy, and for self-repairing, creates a quantity of waste products.
When the kidneys are no more able to filter these byproducts, they will end up congesting your blood.
And that, for sure, is no good for your well-being.
This is why the kidneys are so important and you should never indulge in bad habits that can damage them.
But don’t despair: here’s the top 5: the worst – little known – habits that are damaging your kidneys and causing health problems (diabetes, heart disease, weight gain)

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