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Published on March 20th, 2016 | by Michaelw


How Kidney Stones could kill your Kidneys – part 2

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It has been proved that kidney stones can lead to kidney disease. This is also true the other way, as kidney disease could lead to kidney stones. It is therefore easily intuitable why a lot of kidney patients suffer from kidney stones.
In this article we are going to show the best ways to avoid kidney stones.
In my experience, most at risk patients are those undergoing kidney dialysis. Luckily, there’s a chance that even stage 5 kidney patients can avoid kidney dialysis.

Why are kidney stones so common in kidney patients?

Stone is formed due to lack of water or access of minerals. Basically, it happens due to an imbalance in body fluids. And that happens when kidneys are not functioning properly, which in most cases could be due to a kidney disease.
During a kidney disease, the mineral balance in your body is bound to disturb. Even if the kidney is functioning properly during the disease and you try to put less pressure on the organ by drinking less water, the chances of developing a stone increases. This establishes that disease can cause stone.

How kidney stones can lead to kidney disease

Now let’s look at it the other way around. A stone is formed of a particular mineral, but it is not pure. Several other things stick to it. This includes the waste that the kidney takes out of the blood. All that waste keeps sticking to the stone and gathering in large quantities. This is very likely to cause an infection, if not something worse. Also, the stone is a very hard object. It can cause a lot of damage to the delicate kidney. The inner walls will be repeatedly suffering collisions from the stone. This type of damage can have a very bad effect on the functioning of the organ. If not stopped in time, the damage can even get irreversible.

What can you do to prevent kidney stones from causing kidney damage?

Above is clearly shown that chances of kidney stone increases in kidney disease patients. That’s why, these patients should be extra careful in preventing their condition from getting worse. Here are a few tips that can be very helpful.

back-pain Never underestimate a back pain!

  • The most basic thing to do is obviously to get the disease cured as soon as possible. You should not ignore even the tiniest sign of a kidney disease, as it might lead to a stone soon. So, you should take all precautions and medicines advised by the doctor in order to get well as soon as possible.
  • You should try to keep a balance in your body fluids even during the disease. To do that, you should consume proper amount of water. Cutting back on minerals a little is also a good idea. You can lower the consumption of calcium. Milk is the biggest source of calcium. So avoid it. But do not take it too far. If the concentration of minerals gets too low, even that will cause problems for you.
  • Eating right is always good during a disease whether it is to avoid a stone or not. You should focus mainly on getting your kidney healthy as soon as possible. For that, you should eat low potassium foods like cabbage, garlic, etc.

In conclusion, keep an eye open for kidney stones and NEVER underestimate a back pain. Get yourself checked, prevention is always better than cure.

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