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Published on April 8th, 2016 | by Michaelw


Ten foods you eat everyday that are damaging your kidneys

Top ten food NOT to eat for Kidney Patients

How many foods do you eat that are worsening the condition of your kidneys?

This comprehensive list will show you what to immediately remove from your diet.

Unless you’re a kidney patient, or you already got your share of kidney dialysis (just like me), there are chances you don’t really think about your kidneys very much.
If you have practised yoga earlier, you might have heard your instructor saying ‘breathe into your kidneys’ and like many of us, you might have wondered what is that your instructor is talking about.
Well, here is a small introduction about the role played by kidneys in the human body.
Kidneys are actually the workhouses that play a crucial role in the human body.

This organ is given by the nature as a pair and they are located just below the rib cage on either side of the spine. Generally, the size of the kidney of any individual will be in the size of his/her fists.
The National Institutes of Health states that these organs filter nearly 200 quarts of blood every day and they also filter nearly 2 quarts of waste products on a daily basis.
From these organs, the wastes and the water filter to the bladder and they are let out of the body in the form of urine.

Kidney health and detoxification


Never understate back pain. It could be a symptom of something worse.

To ensure the healthy functioning of kidneys, it is important that detoxification of these organs should be done at regular intervals. But, if you are already a kidney patient and your doctor has warned you that your kidneys have started to damage, rather than worrying about it, you are recommended to keep away from certain foods and these foods can further increase the damage and can bring ill-effects on the functioning of these organs.
Generally, kidney patients are recommended to keep away from certain foods as they are bad for them. Here, let us gather some details about such foods.

10 Common Foods Bad For Kidney Patients

  • 1. Meat:
    Not just meat, but any other type of animal protein is linked to kidney damage and stones. When you consume animal proteins, you are adding more pressure to your kidneys as these proteins are difficult to eliminate from the body in an effective manner. In addition, meat is also known for its richness in uric acid, which is stated to be the common cause for kidney stones. As you are already a kidney patient, you should not make your kidneys work further hard for elimination of animal protein from your system, which in turn can create ill-effects. These types of foods can also trigger the chance for other types of kidney stones besides uric acid stones like calcium oxalate stones. The reason for this is that they increase the amount of calcium excreted by the urine. So, avoiding meat consumption can be the right choice, if you already have problems with the healthy functioning of kidneys.
    As an alternative to meat, you can consume a wide range of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and grains that are organically grown. The reason is that these foods will meet the protein requirement of your body as against the protein that you get from animal protein.


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