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Published on August 23rd, 2019 | by Michaelw


10 fruits for kidney health

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These fruits are the best when it comes to reducing inflammation, helping with digestion problems (improve digestion) and with our cardiovascular health.
These exotic fruits are so healthy and rich in antioxidants that they have also been proven to lower the risk for heart disease and hypertension.


This is the top 10: exotic fruits so healthy you absolutely have to include them in your diet.
We handpicked them for their incredible properties.
Each one of these fruits has been proven to help you in a specific area of your health. Here’s how.
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I’m really excited to present you this cheat-sheet of insanely healthy exotic fruits that should be on every refrigerator door.
Number 10 to lose weight you should eat… Coconut!
Coconut is considered a superfood thanks to its unique combination of fatty acids.
While many people think that losing weight is only a matter of calories, experts are convinced that the source of those calories is even more important.
Coconut is a great example: it contains unique medium-chain triglyceride, proven to cause a negative energy balance and consequently weight loss.
This means that eating coconut increases the number of calories you burn, compared to eating other sources of fatty acids.
Another study showed how medium-chain triglycerides in coconut can even reduce hunger.
This is an incredible combination of factors that can easily trigger weight loss!
Number 9 to improve your cardiovascular health you should eat… pitaya!
What is pitaya? Also known as dragon fruit, pitaya is native to Central America, but also grown in Vietnam, Australia and Thailand.
Pitaya is an incredibly nutritious superfood, so rich in antioxidants that it has been proven to lower the risk for heart disease and hypertension. It may be difficult to come by, but you should absolutely try it if you can!
Number 8 To reduce inflammation you should eat…  avocado!
Avocado has a big difference from most other fruits: it is low in carbs and rich in healthy fats.
Particularly in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat with an ability to reduce inflammations.
It also contains a particular compound called AV119 known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
You are what you eat: eat avocados and you will be… healthy!!!!
Number 7 To improve digestion you should eat…  pineapple!
Pineapple is not just a very tasty superfood, it also contain bromelain.
This particular protein-digesting enzyme, with a history of use in folk medicine, is today used as a meat tenderizer, in some medications and as a dietary supplement. It also gives pineapple its ability to help your digestion. A lot of people like pineapple, and knowing that it can help your digestion is great news. Just don’t put pineapple on pizza!
Number 6 To improve sport performance you should eat…  Banana!
A study conducted on cyclists shown a whopping 5% increase of overall performance, when eating bananas.
Bananas contain a very favorable sugar, pectin and starch profile, in addition to vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium.
The carbs are a good source of pre workout fuel, while the pectin helps digestion and the starch content improves blood sugar levels.
Eating a banana one or two hours before exercising can definitely help sustain energy levels during the workout.
Number 5 To prevent muscle and joint soreness you should eat… Cherries!
Cherries are rich in anthocyanin, a flavonoid that has shown properties similar to NSAIDs drugs such as naproxen or ibuprofen.
It is so powerful that, during a clinical trial,  runners who drank cherry juice before and during a race reported faster muscle recovery and much less inflammation than the control group who received a placebo. It’s a lot more fun to train when your legs don’t hurt, isn’t it?
Number 4 to fight aging you should eat…  Blackberries!
Blackberries are extremely rich in polyphenol and antioxidants.
They can help your body fighting free radicals, slowing down aging. They are also really rich in vitamin C, minerals and fiber.
Blackberries are also very low in calories, but still very tasty.
Number 3 To avoid the risk for diabetes you should eat… Prickly pear!
Also called cactus pears, these fruits provide more magnesium than any other fruit. A study conducted on more than 60.000 women found that magnesium is effective in fighting diabetes risk. Why not give these exotic tasty fruits a try, then?
Number 2 to take care of your skin and look younger you should eat… Apricot!
It’s no wonder that apricots are widely used by the cosmetic industry: they are in fact really good for our skin. What scientists think is that the combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and phytonutrients are what make them so effective against the signs of aging.
If you want to improve your skin care regimen, start eating apricots!
Number 1 to prevent cancer you should eat… Mango! Mangos are so tasty people often forget how healthy they are.
What researchers have discovered is that the antioxidant compounds present in mangos, like astragalin, quercetin, isoquercetin, gallic acid, fisetin and methyl gallate, as well as the abundant enzymes, are able to protect us from breast, lung, colon, prostate and bone marrow cancer.
And if this isn’t enough, mangos are also really helpful to clear the skin, lower cholesterol, improve eye health and to alkalize the whole body.
It may not be the easier fruit to find and the shelves, but for sure it is worth the effort.
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  1. Bridget says:

    I was 10 fruits that are healthy for your kidneys from what I was told that bananas, mangos and coconuts had to much potassium that’s why I have stayed away from them I have stage 3b kidney disease is this information for stage 1and 2 CKD patients

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