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Published on July 22nd, 2022 | by Katherine


5 Foods & Recipes That Turn On Kidneys Like a Faucet

snack restores kidney function by reducing potassium and blood sugar levels.

This food can replace eggs and protect the kidneys from

This superfood can lower your creatinine by 9.7%, in 6

But you’re eating it all wrong. 

Katherine here, I’ve been helping people with kidney
problems improving their diet for almost 10 years now and in this video, we are
going to see what all of you asked for.

This is a top 5 of foods and recipes with medicinal
properties so powerful, they will turn on your kidneys like a faucet.

These foods are suitable for all the stages of kidney
disease: they are 100% plant based, low in protein, low in potassium, low on
the glycemic scale aaaaand… they are also high in fiber, vitamins and essential

So, if you are tired of doctors always telling you what
to avoid, today I will tell you exactly what to eat.

Let’s start immediately. Let’s see why you are eating grapes… all wrong!

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My name is Katherine and I've been working with people suffering from kidney disease and other kidney issues for almost 10 years now. If there's one thing I learned is that you should never give up!

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