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Published on August 5th, 2019 | by Michaelw


How to Get Rid of Kidney Pain Fast and Naturally

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Hello everyone, this is Katherine, welcome to 00kidney.
Today I’ll show you how to get rid of kidney pain fast and naturally.
I’ll take an holistic approach to kidney pain relief.
Because the truth on kidney pain is that, whatever the source of this back pain is, you can alleviate or totally get rid of it only if you know one thing: what is causing kidney pain.
Treating the symptoms of kidney pain alone, maybe taking some painkillers, is only going to make things worse, on the long run.
But, knowing kidney pain location and kidney pain symptoms we can absolutely treat it and, in most of the cases, we can get rid of it.
How? We need to understand why our back is hurting. We need to understand if there’s a KIDNEY STONE causing back pain or if we have a KIDNEY INFECTION, or if we have kidney disease, a kidney failure or if it’s just lower back pain caused by an injury, a muscle strain.
Each of these conditions is associated with different symptoms and requires a totally different approach.
Some of these are totally curable with home remedies, so keep watching this video if you want to avoid an expensive trip to the doctor.
And send it to your friends if anyone of them suffers from kidney pain or back pain, this video can help them.
Ok, let’s start
Kidney stones are the most common cause of kidney pain.
How can we tell if the kidney pain symptoms we are experiencing are actually caused by kidney stones?
First, there’s the location of kidney pain.
In case of kidney stones, “the pain is actually located in the area of the kidneys”, up here and not down here
Usually, if the pain is in this area the cause of back pain is an injury.
A back injury would require a totally different treatment from kidney stones.
Also, “usually one side only” because kidney stones pain is in most of the cases just one side of the body.
“Kidney stones are usually recurring”
Now, kidney stones are recurring, so if you already had them and you are having kidney pain again, there’s a good chance that the cause of kidney pain is kidney stones AGAIN.
But they can be prevented, and there are home remedies to pass kidney stones fast and without pain. So don’t worry.
Now, the most important thing to know are the symptoms.
“Symptoms of kidney stones include:
– sudden, severe flank pain.” The pain can fluctuate in intensity or come in waves, and can even radiate to the groin. This is because the stones are starting to move around the urinary tract, causing damage and this very intense pain.
Kidney stones can also cause other symptoms, like
” -Being able to urinate in small amounts only,
-Pain during urination
-Persistent need to urinate
-Blood in the urine”
Now, see a doctor if you have blood in the urine or urinating becomes really difficult.
In this case, it means that the stones have blocked the urinary tract or are causing some serious damage.
You can only use home remedies if the situation is not this serious.
So, if the stones are small enough to pass by themselves, drinking lots of water will help.
A combination of Olive Oil, Lemon Juice and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is one the best home remedies for kidney stones.
There’s another thing that works exceptionally well, it’s called chanca piedra.
It’s an herbal remedy that can actually break down calcium oxalate kidney stones and make them pass easily and fast.
But, before you try it, we need to eliminate the other causes of kidney pain.
I really don’t want you to rush buying home remedies for kidney stones just to understand afterwards that your KIDNEY PAIN was actually caused by a back strain.
Yes, these home remedies and herbal treatments work exceptionally well to prevent and pass kidney stones.
We’ll get back to them in the end of the video, when you’ll  be 100% sure that the problem is actually caused by kidney stones.
So let’s see another very common cause of lower back pain: a back injury

“If the pain is caused by a muscular or skeletal problem”, obviously we will need a totally different approach from what we would do with kidney pain. Now, this kind of back pain is very, very common, so I’ll need to spend a few words on it.
Muscular or skeletal back pain is usually in a slightly “different location from kidney pain”.
“The kidneys are located towards your back, in the lower part of the ribcage” ,and this makes difficult to tell apart kidney pain from muscular pain.
Kidney pain is usually in a higher position  and it’s deeper, it’s not near the skin, because the kidneys are inside the rib cage.
Now, the muscles are outside the rib cage, so the pain is located in a less deep area, closer to the skin.
So, if you feel the pain coming from inside the ribcage, it may be from the kidneys.
If it’s coming from outside the ribcage, it’s from the muscles.
“Unlike kidney pain, muscular pain may get worse… or get better… with movement”
“Massages and pain relief creams can alleviate it”.
Obviously moving around and getting massages won’t do anything for kidney pain.
So, basically, if you move around and the pain lowers or increases, then it’s probably a muscular or skeletal problem.
If moving doesn’t change things, it’s probably the kidneys.
Also, muscular and skeletal pain do not present any symptoms related to kidney problems, so no other kidney symptoms.
“Common causes of back injury and lower back pain include muscle strains, herniated discs, sciatica,  arthritis”
All these conditions are to be treated differently according to their severity.

Ok, there’s another common cause of kidney pain, kidney infection.
UTIs, urinary tract infection are very, very common… urethritis, cystitis are all UTIs… and usually are treatable.
“Kidney infections, also called pyelonephritis, are a type of UTI”.
How can we tell if kidney pain is coming from a kidney infection?
If, in conjunction with kidney pain and not lower back pain  you are experiencing one of the following symptoms, probably there’s a kidney infection.
“Symptoms include
-frequent urge to urinate
-burning sensation when urinating
-blood in the urine “
Now, a kidney infection is a pretty serious issue, especially in presence of high fever and blood in the urine.
So in this case talk to your doctor. He will be prescribing you an antibiotic.
“prescription antibiotics can cure UTIs”
Follow the full course of the antibiotic in case of a prescription.
“Don’t let an UTI go untreated”, kidney damage is not a remote eventuality in case of an UTI not effectively treated.
UTIs usually start in the bladder, but can reach all the urinary tract: the urethra, the prostate in men, the kidneys.

Now, chronic kidney disease can cause kidney pain too.
What we must understand is that, while kidney pain is a symptom of kidney disease, only patients in the advanced stages will experience it.
“So, only in the advanced stages.
Other causes of kidney pain are more common”
So if you only have kidney pain, the causes that I have mentioned earlier, kidney stones, kidney infections and back injuries are more probably causing the symptom.
In fact, for kidney disease to be able to cause kidney pain, the kidney must be swelling. This is a very severe, and not so common symptom, that only shows up in stage 4 and 5 of CKD, usually.
So if your back hurts, don’t immediately think about kidney disease, unless you have “other symptoms of kidney disease, like Foam in the urine, Swelling in the hands and feet and urinating more or less than normal.”
Now, if it’s actually kidney disease that’s causing the pain, it means that there’s a severe fluid retention in the kidney itself. This could be caused by an excess of potassium, sodium and fluids in the diet.

By the way, there are cases in which a trip to the ER is absolutely needed. So contact your health care provider immediately if you’re experiencing back pain or kidney pain in conjunction with the following symptoms: Severe stomach pain, Loss of bladder or bowel control, High fever, blood in the urine, fatigue or a constant, dull, one-sided pain in your back or side.
Don’t try to make the pain pass with home remedies or just painkillers in these cases!
As I’ve told you in the beginning of the video, there are home remedies working to pass kidney stones fast and without pain. More info about them here
And, if you have kidney disease, I’ve made a very complete video about how to manage it.
You can find it up here
This is all for today! I hope this video was helpful. Thank you for watching.

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