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Published on October 15th, 2019 | by Michaelw


healthy mind, healthy body trough visualization

Would you like to improve your health using just the power of your mind?

Numerous studies have proven that – even if you’re affected from serious illness – visualization and meditation have the power of improving the overall health, wellness and well-being.

For a long time researchers have believed that thoughts have an effect on physical health.
For millennia ancient cultures around the world – along with Hindu masters and medicine men – have used meditation methods to take advantage of the energy of their thoughts to obtain physical manifestations.
Today top athletes, like for example Tiger Woods or even NASA astronauts are using visualization and meditation techniques to get the results they want.

“I have so much to accomplish today that I will need to meditate twice as long.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Visualization is definitely the trick to being successful in almost any human effort, is that you are an everyday woman or man aiming to improve anything concerning your own lifestyles or a top level athlete trying to break a world record.
Or if you’re trying to find a solution to an health problem.

Visualization and meditation helped me a lot during my journey to get off kidney dialysis. Unfortunately, it could be daunting to start from scratch if you don’t know the right steps to begin.
That’s why I’ve researched for a comprehensive and easy to follow guide that I’m now giving out for free to all my readers.
This book is called “Mind Health Secret“, you can download it from the link below for free.

Today, guided visualization is being used in over 3000 hospitals, from the Cleveland Clinic to several health centers in California and cancer care hospitals in Portland.
In combination with other therapies, visualization techniques have the power of helping patients dealing with chronic pain, cancer chemotherapy, kidney dialysis and various debilitating illness.

The point is that visualization works.

  • In 1989 M.D. David Spiegel from Stanford University shocked everybody with an experiment examining a group of women with breast cancer. While everybody received the standard oncological therapy, half of the group learned very simple visualization techniques.
    The experiment was aimed to prove that visualization was capable of improving the quality of life of the patients.
    In fact, after a year the group that learned visualization was found to be more optimistic and reported less pain.
    What nobody was expecting is that the group that learned visualization and meditation, ten year after the experiment, lived average twice as long as those who didn’t.
  • Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine published a study that shows how levels of cortisol (the so called stress hormone) dropped drastically right after the participant engaged in meditation and guided imagery.
    The conclusion is that when you replace the information that is producing anxiety with more positive and happier images you’ll be able to relax and feel better.

During the last years, meditation has become one of my favourite way of kick starting the day. And it’s absolutely something I would suggest doing to everyone.
Just fill the form below to download Mind Health Secret – a book that can help you to reach a calm and peaceful state of mind and make you able to transform any tough into a good one.
And eventually improve your health and the quality of your life.

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Hi, my name is Michael and in this blog I'm gonna share the story of how I got off kidney dialysis for good. Getting off dialysis isn't easy at all, and that's why I'm trying to help people as much as I can.

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