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Published on February 15th, 2022 | by Katherine


How to use this secret vitamin to cure diabetes (and save your kidneys)

This secret vitamin can lower your blood glucose levels
by 31.5mg/dl in just 3 months (and save your kidneys!)

Today we are going to see a vitamin you have probably
never heard of.

And yet, this nutrient can actually be used to greatly
improve insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes – it can easily lower blood
sugar levels by 31.5mg/dl.

And it also protects the kidneys from metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and it helps you lose weight.

It also has antioxidant properties that fight the
damaging effects of free radicals in the brain, circulatory system, and kidneys.

Not to mention that it acts as a natural anti-depressant
and reduces food cravings.

Yes, this vitamin has a ton of health benefits and it’s really underrated.

You are not gonna find it in multivitamins and most
people don’t even know that it exists.

But I really believe this needs to change.

The secret vitamin I’m talking about is…

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The secret vitamin I’m talking about is vitamin B8 – also
known as Inositol.


The reason why you never hear about it, is because it’s
not considered a vitamin anymore.

Yes, there’s a vitamin B7, a B9 but there’s no Vitamin B8.
Science is strange sometimes.


And the reason why B8 is no more a vitamin is because the
kidneys actually produce some of it.

However, for many people, only relying on what the body
makes is not enough.


Supplementing it may be especially beneficial for those
with kidney problems.


So, what will happen to your body when you start
supplementing Inositol?


Studies shown that supplementing this nutrient has an
effect similar to that of metformin – a powerful medicine for type 2 diabetes.


Metformin is considered a wonder drug because it doesn’t
just treat diabetes, it is used off-label to lose weight, to increase lifespan
and to fight metabolic syndrome.

And inositol has many of the same benefits, but without
side effects.

Isn’t that wonderful?


Now guys, there are a lot of inositol supplements
available, and not all of them can help you.

Also, you need to take inositol in the right dosage if
you want it to help you.

I’ll show you exactly how to find the perfect supplement
and dose in the next part of the video; don’t skip that part.


Now, as I was saying the main benefit of this nutrient is
for people with diabetes and for those wanting to lose weight.

This is surprising, since inositol is actually a sugar
alcohol. It doesn’t have calories, but it tastes sweet!


So, what foods are the best sources of this nutrient?

Grain bread is one of the best sources.

Stone-ground whole grain bread contains up to 300 mg of
inositol in just one slice of bread, and that’s a lot.

Just also consider that this type of bread is pretty high
in phosphorus and potassium too, before adding it to your diet.

A better option may be cantaloupe, a very healthy fruit,
even if a bit rich in potassium.

Again, moderation is key if you want to try this fruit.

Other great sources of inositol include: Almonds but also
beans, peas and citrus fruits.

Now, even if all these foods are very healthy, they should
only be present in moderation in the diet of people with kidney problems.

So, if you are really interested in the insulin-mimetic
properties of inositol, it would be better to also consider a supplement.


Now, let’s talk about safety before looking at doses.

Inositol is water-soluble, it doesn’t have a high risk of

Even at high doses, side effects are mainly limited to
nausea, gas, and diarrhea.

It has no known interaction with medications.

Still, please consult your doctor before taking this or
any other supplements if you have chronic kidney disease or other diagnosed


So, what inositol supplement should you take to fight
diabetes and metabolic syndrome and in what dose?

There are two types of inositol: Myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol.

Best brands combine them to get more benefits.

A good dose seems to be 500mg of Myo-inositol plus 15mg
of d-chiro-inositol two times a day with meals.

This is what they actually used in the study on diabetes
to lower blood sugar levels by 31.5mg/dl in 3 months.

Now, this is a very important reduction in in blood
sugar, so be prepared.

As you may already know, having blood sugar levels too
low is not a good thing.

But there’s an easy way to avoid this.

When it comes to kidney health, probably the best habit
in the world you can start is to write everything down.

This is crucial: what you actually want from this remedy
is to decrease your need for medications – because that’s how you reverse kidney

I’ve explained exactly how to do this in my video up

This is all for today, thank you for watching.

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