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Kidney Health: How to improve kidney function

My name is John Grammar and I’m using a treatment that has proven to be a great way how to improve kidney function

I was diagnosed about six months ago with chronic kidney disease.
I was starting to feel really fatigued during normal daily activities. Then, when I started to see blood in the urines, I was forced to get tested.
They diagnosed me with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) stage 4, because my GFR was 27 and creatinine was 2.25.
As many of you may already know, there isn’t a real cure for CKD stage 4. All that they tell you is to get monitored and to wait for the situation to get worse. Then, you can start kidney dialysis. This isn’t really something that we would hope for.

How to improve kidney function

I’ve talked to man doctors, asking them how to improve kidney function before it was too late.
None of them gave me a real answer. A nephrologist told me that there wasn’t any way to increase my kidney function. Just try to do a diet, be careful with potassium, proteins and other stuff. Not a great help.
The bottom line was that things were already getting bad for my kidney health, and there was no way to make them get better.
Risking dialysis was not an option for me, as it would have meant to give up almost all my activities. My family, my job…
During my researches I’ve met a naturopath who talked me about a new kind of treatment he was starting to suggest to his patients, seeing results above the expectations almost always.
A program well known on the web, I’ve read carefully a lot of testimonials before starting it.

After starting it, I’ve seen the first improvements in just a week.

My blood tests are here to prove that this program works, that’s why I’m here describing it.
6 month ago my eGFR was 27, my creatinine was 2.25. Three weeks ago, blood test showed eGFR 51, creatinine 1.44!

It would be really great if more people could benefit from it.

If you’re in doubt, just try it. In no way it could harm you. I had my life back, even if my doctors told me they were unable to help.

You can find more info about this program at this link.

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About the Author

Hi, my name is Michael and in this blog I'm gonna share the story of how I got off kidney dialysis for good. Getting off dialysis isn't easy at all, and that's why I'm trying to help people as much as I can.

3 Responses to Kidney Health: How to improve kidney function

  1. Krisztian Hoksza says:

    Hello Michael!

    It’s nice to hear you about your success of Kidney healing.
    Could you tell me in shortly, how does it build up this treatment method? I saw there is a cash back garatee. Is it true?

    Sorry for my message, but I have a stage 5 kidney failure, and already have tried everything in last 3 year in the area of healing. But my kidney function’ improvement was 0%.
    I spent a lots of money, and I am very disappointed. I thing this disease a very good business.
    For example (most expensive) I tried a *** method as well. I’ ve got a lots of promise, I hoped it will work me too. It was very expensive, and the result? of course, nothing.
    You know I changed my nutritional habits, I start to sport, meditation, I use to go prana nadi’ bioenergetic treatment since 1 year. etc.
    healing? No. frown hangulatjel

    Before I spend anymore, How could I became sure, that this “Duncan Capicchiano”-method is realy working?

    Please help me in this case.

    I would be willing to pay 4x price, if I could sure, and I could hope again the promises.

    Thank you in advance

    Kind regards
    Krisztian Hoksza

  2. librada says:

    hello my name is librada estrella dialysis patient

  3. cama says:

    we need to find this book of doctor Capicchianos beat kidney disease.

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