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Kidney Dialysis How My Patients Are Avoiding It

The very first time I’ve heard about this method was from a dialysis patients. Back then I didn’t believe what this individual was stating.
He was indeed healing his renal system, treating chronic kidney disease… merely following a fundamental, step-by-step comprehensive plan.

Next, we compared his blood tests. Within a couple of months, his eGFR was gone from 30 to 37. Creatinine from 146 to 124.

This isn’t frequent for an individual which is suffering from chronic kidney disease.
Clearly, these results obligated me to consider better this program.

This specific method was developed by Dr. Duncan Capicchiano, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

This program is focused on natural treatments for you to recover your renal system, without having to use medicines or even chemicals.

This method is completely reliable for everyone. It’s not simply a kidney diet plan, even if the renal diet factor is effectively covered in the first book.

This is a remedy that is certainly useful for those who have impaired kidney function, kidney disease, or for those who are on kidney dialysis.

This system offers info as well as advice to give you the information on the reason why kidney disease showed up, and also to get rid of it from its sources.
The program includes all aspects of the topic because it’s the result of years of study and research by the experts of the sector.

After more research and tests, I’m recommending it to ALL the ambulatory dialysis patients.
The improvements are immediately visible.
You can have full access to this program following this link.

Dr. John Ree

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7 Responses to Kidney Dialysis How My Patients Are Avoiding It

  1. Mash says:


    I tried to buy the program but my transaction was unsuccessful as my cards were declined even though I use those cards for other purchases. Please advise. Thanks

  2. Florencio Atienza says:

    Hi,,I’m the wife of Florencio Atienza and I’m use his email to send a message of you.. By way dr. Capicchiano how can I know your program avoid my husband on his CKD.. Please reply.. Me

  3. Miguel Abrajan says:

    Hi my name is Miguel and I have an uncle who is on dialysis and I stress alot more then him . I been trying to look for a way to get his kidneys back up and working doctors only tell me there’s nothing beside s getting a transplant ! If there’s a type of medicine that can cure kidney failure I want to know or can you help me out please!!

  4. kris says:

    How can i purchase the said book? How long does an individual who has kidney disease can see the positive results? Can it help me overcome shortness of breath? Thank you

  5. Patrick says:

    Do you know of others who got off dialysis?

    I desperately need to get off!

    Please reply.


    • Frank Stewart says:

      Well, I got out of dialysis thanks to Dr. Capicchiano program.
      Maybe in part it was just luck, and for sure I’m lucky, my doctor keeps saying this everytime.
      However, this program was really a great help.

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