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Published on June 27th, 2020 | by Michaelw


Repair Your KIDNEYS w/ Alkaline Foods

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If you have kidney disease and you want to lower your creatinine levels, this video is for you.
Today I’ll show you 3 easy steps to transform your renal diet into your best weapon to repair your kidneys.

My name is Katherine and this is 00kidney.
I’ve been working with people suffering from chronic kidney disease for 7 years, now.
And if you are new here on 00kidney, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health!
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And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in these years is that it requires a lot of will power and strength to overcome kidney disease,
but when a kidney patient decides to fight for their own health, to seriously take matters into their own hands,
there’s nothing they can’t do.
I’ve seen people getting incredible results even when nobody thought it was possible.
and I don’t want to just tell you this, I want to show it to you.
This is a comment I received yesterday on one of my videos.

For more than 10 years, I have been a kidney patient with little to no hope to get better.
But I still tried to live what I felt was an active life, even though I had to give up my favorite activity: running 5K races.
Then last year a friend of mine mentioned that he started a new way of eating after what he saw here on 00kidney.
So I decided to come here and see for myself. And this changed my life.
Especially what I read in the comments. I see people actually fighting for their health.
They were fighting like it was the most precious thing in the world. They weren’t just waiting.
So maybe my doctor was wrong. So maybe I needed to make some changes in my life.
I have always exercised some, but now I exercise with more regularity.
I started eating better. More greens and alkaline foods. I started ditching unhealthy habits.
I was shocked at how quickly my energy increased.
My life is different now! And my first 5K race of the year is coming up in May.

Oh, that’s wonderful Dylan! You have to absolutely let me know how the race goes!
And thank you very much for this comment!
And guys, talking about your commetns, I will also answer your questions in todays video!
Got some really interesting ones!
So guys, what I wanted to show you reading this comment is that you CAN beat this terrifying disease.
You will need just two things: the right knowledge, and the right attitude.

So, what’s the big secret to use the diet to lower your creatine levels
Let’s see our first step, probably the most useful!

Step 1 start adding alkaline foods to your diet

As you know, the foods you eat have a powerful impact on your kidney health.
Eating foods that are more alkaline can be health-promoting.
This because the foods you eat influence the amount of acid in your blood, ok?
So, when you eat acidic foods there’s going to be more acid concentration in the blood.
Now, healthy kidneys are usually going to be able to efficiently regulate your blood pH level (acid concentration) by removing the excess acid you get from what you eat.
But when you have kidney disease, it’s more difficult for your kidneys to remove all this extra acid from your blood.
Also, this process will put a lot of strain on them.
Actually, this is the exact reason why baking soda work so well to help you lowering your creatinine levels.
It makes the work of the kidneys easier.
EATING more alkaline foods works for your kidneys just like baking soda, but without the side effects.
And yes, there’s scientific evidence that a High alkaline diet, low in acidic foods, helps slow down the progression of kidney disease.

So, let’s see what some of the best alkaline foods are, starting from the most alkaline fruit you can eat.

It is…

Kiwi fruit stands number one in nutrient content when it comes to alkaline fruits.
It is packed with twice the amount of nutrients of apples!
Some people even consider Kiwi the healthiest fruit in world!
Kiwi is a high-alkaline food your cells won’t want to miss out on, because it also contains a plethora of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
And although oranges are famous for their vitamin C content, kiwi contains two times the amount of vitamin C of an orange.
This fruit is also 100% suitable for any renal diet. It contains just 215 mg of Potassium and 21mg of phosphorus.
The best part is that it has PRAL score of minus 4.1.
Ok, what is the PRAL score and why is it important?

PRAL means “potential renal acid load”. Remember, the kidneys are the organ supposed to remove excess acidity from the blood, ok?
This number tells us exactly how much workload are the foods we eat going to put on the kidneys, in a term of acid load.
A higher PRAL score (indicated by a positive number) means that a particular food is very acid-forming, while a lower PRAL score (indicated by a negative number) classifies it as alkaline, meaning that it removes stress from the kidneys.
So the lower the score (negative numbers) the more alkaline the food is.
Kiwifruit is minus 4.1, as we have seen, meaning that even if the fruit itself has an acidic taste, it will not add more acidity to the body.
It will actually decrease it.
Now, an interesting fact, bananas are even lower than kiwifruits on the pral score. Bananas have an amazing score of minus 6.9.
I’m not recommending them, because they’re too high in potassium for some patients.
But many patients can actually eat them, you know? Watch this video if you want to know more about this.
Now, let’s see something with a pral score that’s even lower than bananas and without all that potassium :
It is…

Arugula is a peppery, distinctive-tasting green that originated in the Mediterranean region. It’s also known as rucola, salad rocket, and Italian cress.
This vegetable is an immune-boosting vegetable that packs a nutritional punch, especially considering its tiny number of calories.
Like other leafy greens, arugula salad is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, especially when you add other vegetables to the mix.
When it comes to your health, as a high-antioxidant food, arugula can help improve almost every system in the body.
And with an amazing minus 7.5 PRAL score, for sure it will help making your body more alkaline.
It also has just 221 mg of Potassium and 17 mg of Phosphorus Per 1 cup, chopped or 67g.
This is really low for a cruciferous vegetable, since these foods are usually very rich in potassium.
Spinach for example has almost three times the potassium in arugula.

Yes, this superfood is really something you will wish you knew about earlier!
It’s incredibly healthy and delicious!
You can find the fresh, baby leaves (also sometimes called young arugula) at almost all grocery stores and at farmers markets in the spring and summer months.
So this is the perfect time to start eating this incredible superfood!

Now, there’s one thing that’s even more alkaline than arugula and it is…

With an incredible PRAL score of minus 8.3, kale is the most alkalizing and the healthiest foods kidney patients can eat!
I cannot make videos talking about healthy foods without mentioning kale.
Probably the most nutrient dense food on the planet.
Kale is not just alkaline, it’s also rich in iron, vitamin C, various vitamins from the b group and more.
But be aware that being so rich in nutrients means that kale is also rich in potassium.
The potassium in kale is almost twice what you find in arugula.
So, portion control is key here! Try to limit kale to half cup a day, if you have a potassium allowance.

Ok, so our first step was to start adding these incredibly healthy foods to your diet.
To make this process even easier, let’s follow the second step:

Step 2
Eat 5-6 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

Basically, you have 3 meals in a day and you’re going to eat 5 or 6 servings of fruit and vegetables.
A standard serving is about half cup or 75 grams of your preferred fruit or vegetables or one cup of raw salad or leafy greens.
We are talking about almost 1 pound or half kilogram of fresh, fruit and vegetables here, right?
And obviously, the more alkaline the better. Don’t worry, I’ll show you a longer list of alkaline foods in the next part of the video, so you have more choices.

Now, this way of eating can work for everyone, not just for kidney disease patients.
This is what I’m going to eat today, for example.

What you see here is a little bit more than 6 servings but it’s just greens, so no need to be too restrictive here.
Yes, you can do this too, if we’re talking about greens low in potassium and phosphorus.
And remember that if you are a man and if you are heavier than me you need to eat more.

But it’s really important to eat a good quantity of greens every day.
Because, and this is a fact, the western diet is too poor in fiber, ok? and this can cause more inflammation in the kidneys.
Adding more fiber to the diet will help improving kidney function, especially if this fiber comes from alkaline veggies.

So, what I usually do is to wash all this fruit and veggies in the morning, and then I start all my meals with a fruit or veggie until I eat all this.
Obviously, the foods we are going to choose are rich in healthy, good antioxidants and phytochemicals that your body will use to fight kidney disease.
This is a good strategy, because too many doctors and dietitians give their patients endless lists of foods to avoid and bad habits to stop.
They probably just choose to ignore a simple fact. Diets never work.
They may help people to lose weight in a short amount of time, but most of the times the rebound following a crash diet is immediate and devastating.
This is not a good strategy if you have to manage a condition like kidney disease.
This is why I always talk about ways to improve your way of eating, instead of drastic diets.
And all these greens are also going to help us controlling the body’s glucose levels, very important, and not just for diabetic patients.

Now, let’s see a more complete list of healthy, alkaline foods you can eat.

Step 3
The list.
What we can see here are some foods that are acidifying and that you should avoid or limit, in the bottom.
The worst ones are those rich in sugar and processed grains.
Most junk foods are in this category.
Pork meat, pastries, sodas and diet sodas but also tomato sauce, butter and cream cheese.
Better avoid them. Many of these foods are unhealthy for a lot of other reasons, they are also foods of preservatives and chemicals.
Meat, fish and legumes are considered slightly acidic, like all the foods containing protein.
Now, you still need some protein to live, so you can’t completely avoid foods in this part of the chart.
But eat mostly alkaline foods, such as fruit and veggies, ok?
Like the foods in the higher part of the list.
And while almost all greens are alkaline, some fruits and veggies are more alkaline than others.
We have seen some of the best ones, but here you can find more alkaline foods.
Spinach, broccoli, artichokes but also onions and asparagus. These are all great.
Many fruits are just below these veggies: we can see pears, grapes, apples and more.
Now, you can download this chart and print it, if you want. So you will always know what foods are most alkaline.
Link is in description.

Also consider that the alkaline way of eating is mostly plant based,
just like what the best dieticians recommend to patients with chronic kidney disease.
So, you cannot really go wrong here.
What this list tells us is eating acid-producing foods, which include meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, processed foods, white sugar, white flour and caffeine.
Now, to see a complete list of what you should avoid, you can also watch my video about the 10 worst foods for your kidneys.

One last thing before I answer your comments.
Here are some interesting tips to make your diet more alkaline.

First, Get into the habit of adding lemon to everything:

salads, juices, tea – you name it. Start your day with hot water and lemon every morning.
Also, Use parsley abundantly to spice up foods!
And, It is not easy at first but! start to limit coffee and black tea intake. Swap them with herbal teas such as mint, lemongrass and green tea. Simple fresh mint leaves are great too.
Also, Introduce simple green vegetable juices or smoothies to your diet.
and Try limiting your meat intake and swap with other protein sources.
also Sweeten up your foods using natural sweeteners like raw honey or maple syrup instead of artificial sweeteners. Remember that artificial sweeteners are dangerous for our kidneys.
These Kidney health tips can help you improve acid alkaline balance in the body.
Creating a more alkaline environment is a way to repair your kidneys!

AND ALSO, remember that if you have chronic kidney disease, you should never lose hope.
There’s still hope even if you’re in stage 5.
But having CKD means that your kidneys cannot take care of you like they used to.
So, why not show them some love?

OK guys, now the part of the video that I prefer: I’ll answer your comments!
This week I got really a lot of interesting questions from you and today I’m answering some of them!
here we go, this one is from

Jim Ferguson
He asks
Katherine can you tell me if ALKALINE water would hurt my kidneys? thanks

Thank you Jim. I’m receiving a lot of questions about alkaline water recently.
Maybe I’ll make a video about it, let me know if it could be interesting for you guys.
But, is alkaline water safe for kidney disease patients?
Now, I keep hearing about alkaline water… but mostly from social media influencers and celebrities.
And what they mostly talk about on the social medias are those “ionizer” machines used to treat tap water to make it alkaline.
However, wait a moment before you run out and buy one.
Alkaline water is water that has been altered to increase its pH to more than 7.0.
Now, what people may think is that if the alkaline diet is healthy, then alkaline water is going to be healthy too.
The problem is that this was never proven. While the association between an alkaline diet and less acidity in the body is proven,
Nobody knows for sure if alkaline water is going to give you the same results.
There are no serious studies, no clinical trials for alkaline water.
Now, we know that for most healthy individuals, drinking alkaline water is probably not harmful.
If you have chronic kidney disease or are taking a medication that affects your kidney function, elements in alkaline water could possibly have negative side effects on the kidneys.
So be careful.

Another comment, this one from Norma Bautista
She asks
Could fortified cereals made from non-gmo grains, pesticides, stabilizers, preservatives & other chemical additives be HARMFUL to people sensitive to high carb/high sugar producing foods which negatively affect kidneys, liver, pancreas and other organs ??
Hi Norma, thank you for this interesting question.
Morning cereals are not something I usually recommend people to eat. The reasons are mainly two: sugar and phosphates.
And I’m understanding from your comment that you either suffer from diabetes or insulin resistance, right?
so sugar is something you have to keep under control in your diet.
Now, I’ve tested various brands of fortified cereals and they all have too much added sugar to be considered healthy. Which is a shame, because the vitamins and mineral brands add to their cereals could be really useful.
Also almost every fortified cereal product has too much phosphate, used as a preservative.
This is the worst type of phosphorus, because your body is going to absorb it completely and it will easily become a burden for your kidneys.
So, my advice. Stick to plain, unrefined rolled oats. They have a lower glycemic index and a lot less phosphorus.

Another question, from Ocean Life

They say Hello: Could you please do a video on Hypertension and CKD Stage 4 Diet. Many foods for HTN are not indicated for CKD and vice versa. A simple breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan would help lots of patients. There are all sorts of videos on HTN or CKD, but none for patients who have both HTN and CKD

Hello, thank you for your question. I’m understanding that you really want me to answer it because you posted this same question on half dozen of my videos. Don’t worry, I always read the comments here on 00kidney and do my best to answer the questions.
Now some good news: almost any diet for CKD stage 4 is also suitable for hypertension. So you shouldn’t have problems finding tips and suggestion to improve your diet.
In particular, I want to recommend you my video titled 20 Best KIDNEY Friendly Foods to Lower Creatinine. All these foods are very low in sodium and kidney friendly, so you can find many great ideas to plan your meals.
I’ve also listed the sodium content of all the foods in the video, really important to keep blood pressure under control.
The video is up here and I really hope this answers your question!

A comment from haydee capuchino
What refined grains should be avoided? Thanks for answering miss Katherine.
Hello, haydee, very interesting question.
Refined grains should be limited, in my opinion, not completely removed. Now, the problem with refined grains is that they are too present in our diets. Pasta, pizza, bread of any kind, morning cereals, pastries… anything made from flour… they’re all refined grains. Even white rice. These foods are not a good source of nutrients. There are very few healthy vitamins and minerals in them. And they’re acidic.
But you can’t totally remove them from your diet, OK? you still need some carbs during your day.
So the only thing you should completely remove are those foods that have both refined grains and sugar. I’m talking about pastries, sweets in general, morning cereals and other packaged foods with sugar and preservatives in them.
On the other hand, some pasta, some bread and white rice can be a healthy part of a diet, if not consumed excessively.

Another one, from
Natasha nicole Bornilla
Is it true that baking soda has a salt ? isn’t that bad for the kidney?

Yes, it’s true that baking contains sodium. Baking soda is also called sodium bicarbonate, so it is sodium. It’s a different form of sodium, actually.
And yes, sodium can be dangerous.
If you get too much of it, it can raise your blood pressure.
But it’s also true that baking soda can greatly help slowing down kidney disease.
So what to do to get this very important benefit without the side effect of having more sodium?
Get the right dosage.
Talk to your doctor and get prescribed a test for metabolic acidosis.
Your doctor will be able to give you and exact dosage and monitor your progresses.
So, my advice here is to avoid taking baking soda without telling your doctor.
Actually, it would be better not to take any supplement or home remedy without your doctor consent.
This is true for both kidney disease patients and for people taking medications.

This was our last one.
The bottom line for today: there are ways to lower your creatinine and a diet with many alkaline foods is a good one.
Most important, remember that you can do this, you can beat kidney disease.
And don’t miss my next video, this Tuesday.
This is all for today, thank you for watching.

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