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Published on February 28th, 2018 | by Michaelw


6 Symptoms of Kidney Disease You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you don’t notice one of these kidney disease symptoms in time, you can end up losing up to 90% of your kidney function without even knowing that there’s a problem.
Chronic kidney disease has very little specific symptoms and most of the times it goes undetected until it is advanced.
20 million Americans adults or more are living with kidney damages and they don’t know they have a condition.

Kidney disease: doctors call it the silent killer for a reason.

Here’s what you need to know for an early detection.

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When you know the symptoms, you can get a diagnosis and the right treatment to fight kidney damage in time.
Experts say that the symptoms of kidney disease are very subtle and are often wrongly attributed to other conditions.
There are more than one signs of kidney disease useful for detecting the condition in the early stages, but they are subtle and not easily noticeable.
The most severe symptoms are only experienced in the very late stages.
What patients should be aware of is that there are risk factors that can put you at an even worse risk.
Blood or dark urine is often caused by kidney failure, but it is a symptom you usually only see in the advanced stage of kidney disease.
While symptoms like frequent urge to urinate, painful urination and pelvic pressure are more often caused by a urinary tract infection of the lower tract, there’s a chance they could be caused by kidney problems too Symptoms like dry skin, acne breakouts, hives, rashes, irritated red skin, itchy skin can appear in case of severe kidney insufficiency.
If the kidneys aren’t able to remove the toxins and wastes from the blood, they will eventually resurface and start showing on your skin.
When there are visible signs on the skin, it means that the build-up of toxins already reached a dangerous level.

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