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Published on July 8th, 2020 | by Michaelw


Drugs vs Natural Remedies to treat CKD

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If you are a kidney disease patient and if you want to beat CKD, you will have to beat the system too.
Because a system that consider overprescribing the norm, is not a healthy one.
You have high blood pressure? Take a pill.
Diabetes? Another pill.
Kidney problems? Guess what? A pill.
And this may work, for a while, but at some point, your kidneys are going to pay the price of all these pills your doctor is giving you.

My name is Katherine, and this is 00kidney.
If you don’t know me yet, I’ve been working with people suffering from chronic kidney disease for the last 7 years, now.
I’ve helped many of them getting some of their kidney function back.
And don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell if this is your first time here.
Because today’s video is going to be really interesting.
Today I’m here to show you exactly what the people who are beating kidney disease are doing.
So, share this video with anyone you know who may be suffering from kidney disease or high blood pressure. This can really help them.
Also, I’m answering your comments in the final part of the video, because I’ve received some really interesting questions from you.
And I want to start today’s video with one of these
This one is from

Thank you, Katherine. I started watching your video presentations recently.
My consultant renal doctor was already thinking of dialysis as my kidney was said to be at stage 3.
I started taking the supplements you recommended and now my creatinine has improved a bit from 213 to 179.E-Gfr from 33 to 40!!!.You are a blessing to the world Katherine.
How do I get your books? Remain blessed.

Hi Tim, congratulations on your improvement and thank you very much for telling us about your story!
You are the kind of inspiration people suffering from kidney disease need! Thank you again!
And you can find the program to reverse kidney disease in description, there’s a link.
Wishing you ALLL the best.

Now guys, today I’m here mostly to prove a point.
My point is that, if you have kidney disease, you can reverse it.
But to do so, you have to take care of your own health. Like Tim from our comment did.
And you have to get informed; you have to find something better than the standard care that doctors are giving patients these days.
Only this way you can beat the system and you can repair kidney damage and improve your health.

Here’s what I mean for beating the system

  • if you have high blood pressure, you need to know what to do to lower your medications AND your blood pressure
  • if you have diabetes, you need to know what to do to lower your medications AND your blood sugar levels

Yes, the main goal is to lower your medications. That’s how you beat the system. That’s how you can repair your kidneys.
Because several medications that are regularly prescribed to people suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes are known to cause damage to the kidneys over time.
Yes, I know, this is a very strong statement, but today I won’t just being saying this, I will show you proof.
There are studies and research to support what I’m saying.

So, let’s make an example.

Let’s say that you have hypertension.
Now, I talk about high blood pressure because that’s something that almost every single kidney disease patient will have to deal with.
It’s one of the main causes of kidney damage, and it’s also caused by kidney disease.
So, I think this part of the video is going to be interesting for everybody.
Back to our example.
Let’s say for example that your blood pressure is 150 over 100 millimeters of mercury.
So, you’re about here.
But you’d need to be here.
NOW, blood pressure is recorded as two numbers: systolic here and diastolic here.
Both of them need to stay in the green if you want to protect your kidneys.
This is really important, right?
when your blood pressure is up here
the tiny filters inside your kidneys are going to be damaged by it.
If this happens, you should take action immediately. Don’t wait.
So, you go to the doctor and If you get diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor will probably prescribe you some pills.
Now, there are several drugs that can be used to treat hypertension,
First one is

ARBs, or Angiotensin II receptor blockers. These are very common, usually the very first medications doctors prescribe for high blood pressure.
Brands include Cozaar, Diovan, Avapro and more.
Now, these pills will lower your blood pressure by about -8 over 5 mm Hg.
But in this hypothetic case, this wouldn’t be enough.

So maybe the doctor would also give you an ACE inhibitor, ok, such as Zestril or Lotensin.
Ok, what’s the result of taking one of these?
Your blood pressure would see a reduction of 9 millimeters of mercury for the systolic and 5 for the diastolic.
Let’s put these numbers in the chart.

At this point, you would still have a blood pressure of about 130 over 90. A lot better, but still not enough.
This would cause the need for further medications. Diuretics, calcium channel blockers and so on.
Now, taking three or four different medications every day, the problem would be solved, but, another serious problem would arise.
All these pills are going to have a lot of side effects. Very well-known side effects that manifests in most of the patients taking them.

Many of these high blood pressure medications have been linked to hyperkalemia. Especially in kidney disease patients.
This means that your blood potassium will always be too high, if you take one or more of these pills.
Yes, it’s not the diet that causes your blood potassium to be too high, it’s not the kidneys, it’s the medications you’re taking.
And there are other side-effects you would be facing, such as a dry, persistent cough.
But also, fatigue, frequent headaches even dizziness.
Yes, it’s all written on the bottle of these medications.
And I’m talking about ARBs and ACE inhibitors, pills that are being prescribed to millions of people.
And there are also less known side effects, that now are to be expected, since you would be taking several medications together.
Remember that side effects grow exponentially when you start to take more than two medications combined.
And the worst part: these pills are going to cause harm to the kidneys in the long run.
These drugs are mostly metabolized by the kidneys, so they come with a risk of causing kidney damage, ok?
especially in people with an impaired kidney function.

Now guys, this is important. In case you are actually taking one or more of these medications, absolutely don’t stop taking them, alright?
even if these drugs do damage the kidneys, it’s not something that happens overnight.
A cardiac event, on the other hand, can happen overnight.
So, don’t stop anything without your doctor consent.

But, let’s see if there’s a way to avoid needing these medications. Let’s see if there’s something you can do to repair your kidneys and save them both from the danger of high blood pressure and of the side effects of pills.
Actually, there are some foods, supplements and good habits that have better results that what you can get from the pills.
Let’s see what they are and let’s compare the effects on blood pressure with those of the medications we have seen until now.
First thing is Garlic.
Yes, just regular garlic.
In double blind studies with garlic, the blood pressure of the participants dropped.

Typically, with reductions of 11 millimeters of mercury for the systolic and 5 for the diastolic. This took, with some participants, no more than a month.
Here you can see the study I’m talking about.
For comparison, the average anti-hypertension drug will lower your blood pressure by 9 over 5 millimeters of mercury, as we have seen.
The studies shown that at least 10mg of allicin a day are required to get these astounding results.
To get enough allicin, you would just have to eat 1 to 4 cloves of fresh garlic a day.
And guess what? No side effects with garlic. It’s just food.

Now, another thing that can help you is
Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiquinone) is an antioxidant that can do miracles.
Let’s see how much it works

In a meta analysis of clinical trials, published on the journal of hypertension, CoQ10 brought down diastolic blood pressure by up to 17 over 10 millimeters of mercury.

Yes, an incredible result, better than the most common prescription drugs.
I’m showing you the study, here it is. This is pretty incredible, but it’s true.
And if you want to take a better look at this study, there’s a link in description.
Now, CoQ10 is considered generally safe for kidney disease patients, no serious side effects here.
Another thing that works is

Magnesium supplements
Now, this is interesting: about 68% of US adults are below the recommended daily dose of magnesium.
And lack of magnesium is strongly linked with high blood pressure and many other problems.
And there are several studies showing that correcting magnesium deficiency can significantly lower blood pressure.
Let’s see how much it works.

Magnesium supplementation at a median dose of 368 mg per day for a median duration of 3 months reduced blood pressure by 2 over 1.78 mm?of mercury.

Ok, so we can already get an idea from these numbers.
It’s not all, there’s more.

Regular physical activity – such as 150 minutes a week, or about 30 minutes most days of the week – can lower your blood pressure by

about 7 over 5 millimeters of mercury if you have high blood pressure.
This was tested on hypertensive patients with resistant hypertension, ok?
What this study tells us, it that even when the patient doesn’t respond to blood pressure medications, physical activity still works to lower blood pressure.
You can see the study here, this was published in the journal hypertension.

Now, the last thing,
Reducing sodium in the diet.

Even a small reduction in the sodium in your diet can improve your heart health and reduce blood pressure by 7 over 3 millimeters of mercury if you have high blood pressure.

So, here’s our chart with all the values. As we can see here, just by walking regularly or exercising and cutting back on sodium you would have approximatively the same effects on your blood pressure of not just one but two medications combined.
Without any of the kidney killer side effects these drugs can cause.
Now, if you add garlic, magnesium and CoQ10 you would be able to never need again a blood pressure medication in your life.
Ok, this is exactly what I mean when I tell you that lowering your medications is the way to go if you want to repair your kidneys.
Obviously, none of the things listed in this part of the chart has side effects, while the drugs up here can really wreak havoc on your system.

And what about patients suffering from diabetic kidney disease?
Let’s see some supplements that have been proven to have results comparable to those from medications.
Now, if we talk about diabetes, lowering the fasting blood sugar is the main goal.

Metformin, the most used prescription drug used to treat type 2 diabetes, can lower fasting blood sugar by up to 25%.
Now, let’s see what natural remedies can do.

First one is cinnamon extract. This was tested on people with type 2 diabetes, In a three-month study,
people with type 2 diabetes who took 360 mg of cinnamon extract before breakfast saw a

14% decrease in fasting blood sugar, compared to those on a placebo.
Here’s the study I’m talking about.

We’re talking about a supplement here. Again, no side effects, no correlated dangers.

Then there’s Berberine
berberine is believed to reduce glucose production in your liver and improve insulin sensitivity
In a study in 116 people with type 2 diabetes, the substance reduced fasting blood sugar levels by

20% which is totally comparable to what you would get with Metformin,
Here’s the study I’m referring too.
Berberine is also very effective at improving other health markers.
Including Glycated hemoglobin, a marker for long-term blood sugar levels but also triglycerides, blood pressure levels, as well as total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, which may reduce your risk of heart disease.

In comparison, Metformin lowers fasting blood glucose levels by an average of 25%.
But Metformin has important side effects, it has even been linked to dementia.

Also consider that, at least in some cases diabetes can be completely reversed just trough diet and exercise.
Yes, there are actually several studies proving that a low calories diet, in combination with exercise can completely reverse type 2 diabetes.
Without any more need for medications.
Here’s the study

So, this a pretty significant result in my opinion.
You can take pills and medications, or you can go to the cause of diabetes and solve the problem, with diet, exercise and the right supplements.

Now guys, as I was saying this isn’t my usual kind of video. I usually try to focus more on how to and guides that people can follow to improve their condition.
Don’t worry I’m getting back to that kind of content from the next video.
And if you want to know more about any of the supplements I’ve talked about today, or if you have other questions, let me know in comments section.
But today I really wanted to show you just this, that reversing kidney disease can be done.
Because when you are able to lower your need for diabetes medications, and high blood pressure medications you will remove a great burden from your kidneys.
And it won’t take a lot of time to see your kidney function get better. I’ve seen this several times, I know it’s possible.

Now, there’s one important thing you need to consider here.
If your doctor prescribed you a medication, you need it. You can’t just stop it or avoid taking it.
This is not the point and I will never tell you to do that.
Instead, you should talk to your doctor and explain them that you’re taking steps to lower your need for medications.
Then, your doctor will be able to adjust your dosage for the medications you’re already taking, alright?
It’s a process that requires some testing aimed at a fine tuning of the medications you’re taking.
The final goal is to get as little medications as possible, to avoid the side effects and to repair your kidneys.

Ok, guys, time for your questions now!
This comment is very interesting,
from azlan shaikh, sorry if I mispronounce your name.
This was in my video about protein intake
My mother is stage 3 patient. And we follow all your suggestions and it helped us a lot in lowering creatinine levels. Thank you so much for that.

Oh, that’s great! I’m really glad that my videos helped her.

My question is can she take Pea Protein powder.
3 tablespoons of pea protein powder contain 16 g protein. Please suggest. Thank you in advance.

Ok, I can answer you about the pea protein powder in general, but I cannot give your mother direct medical advice. Only her doctor can.
So, pea protein powder is all right, it even has some health benefits for kidney patients, if taken in very small amounts.
But, considered this, just like green peas, pea protein powder is not high-quality protein, ok?
This means that she would still need to eat the protein powder in combination with some grains such as rice or pasta.
So, I don’t see a great benefit in taking protein powder instead of eating green peas, for example.
Mainly because she would need just a very small amount of it, alright?
Hope this helps, wishing you and your mother all the best.

A comment from Lie Winarto,
I have ever read in certain websites that eating red meat (beef, pork, mutton, lamb, buffalo’s meat) also all kinds of seafood, shrimp paste, and salted eggs can make the kidney disease worse (the eGFR will go down quickly even in 1 month), do you agree with that, Katherine???

Yes, these foods are not healthy in large amounts, but… while excess of protein can certainly cause a faster progression of kidney disease,
It’s not the end of the world if you eat some pork once.
So try not to fall for the psychological terrorism some websites are trying to pull off.
Now, if you eat these foods every day you will probably lose some kidney function, yes.
That’s why I was telling in my video that a really low protein intake is the best thing to do.
So, watch your diet and be careful with protein, but CKD is caused by several factors causing damage over years, not a single unhealthy meal.
Wishing you all the best.

Another comment, this one from Joy Simpson
Hi Katherine you talked about avoiding sugar what about honey is it better or avoid it also?
Hi Joy, unfortunately honey is not a lot better than sugar. It has a slightly lower glycemic index than sugar, and that it is sweeter, and that’s good, but if you’re diabetic it still has a glycemic index that’s too high to be safe.
So no honey if you’re diabetic.
And even if you’re not diabetic, foods with a high GI are not really healthy. Now, if you get raw honey, maybe locally, there’s going to be a difference because it could have a even lower glycemic index than supermarket honey.
Also, it’s real food and not some processed junk like sugar. So it would be ok in very small amounts.
Hope this helps, wishing you all the best.

OK, guys, this was our last comment for today.
Now if you want to know more about supplements that work to protect your kidney health, this one up here is a very interesting video.
This is all for today, thank you for watching.

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