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Published on May 3rd, 2019 | by Katherine


Easiest How to Lower Creatinine 2019

The Best Herbal Remedies to Lower Creatinine



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These herbs are proven to lower creatinine and increase GFR.
They will naturally promote the healing process of your kidneys, decreasing the inflammation and soothing the symptoms of kidneydisease.

If you suffer from CKD, if you want to lower your creatinine or just want to know more about #natural remedies capable of improving your health, you’re in the right place.
Here at 00kidney I’ve made a lot of videos explaining patients how to improve their kidney health in great details. You can find info here about everything related to the health of your kidneys.
Creatinine, kidney dialysis, GFR, renal function, potassium, kidney detox and cleanse.
But, today, I want to talk about something even more interesting.
The herbs I’m showing you today are suitable for people suffering from chronic kidney disease, from diabetic kidney disease and for people with high creatinine levels. And they are proven to work.

You see, the human kidneys are part of a powerful but fragile system. The action of the herbal medicine is very gentle, but powerful, so it has been used through the ages to cure the kidneys.
And yes, the action of herbs has been proven really beneficial to this complex system. The adaptogenic nature of the natural compounds of the herbs I’ll show you today is what our #renal system needs to start healing.

Disclaimer: seek appropriate professional advice before taking any action based on the info provided on this channel.

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