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Most GOOGLED Kidney Questions

Can kidney patients eat rice?
Can kidney disease cause impotence?
Can kidney damage be reversed?
Can a girl with one kidney get pregnant?

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Hello, this is Katherine, welcome to 00kidney.
In today’s video I’m going to unleash the power of Google to find the most searched questions about kidney disease and… I’ll answer them!

Spoiler alert, people ask google a loooot of questions about sex… so there’s that!
But I’m also going to talk about the symptoms of kidney disease, what foods are good for the kidneys, what to do for creatinine levels and how to improve kidney health…
so it’s going to be really interesting, let’s start immediately!
Very first question

Can kidney disease be cured.
Oh, this is a very good question. Yes, some forms of kidney disease can be successfully treated, but I’m mostly talking about acute forms of the disease here. Acute means that the problem is of short duration.
If it’s chronic, like in chronic kidney disease, then, no there’s still no cure for it today.
But… but…. But…. this doesn’t mean you should lose hope if you have chronic kidney disease, a lot of people live with it and they are able to enjoy a good quality of life. You would need to manage the symptoms and complications of the disease, though.
Also, you should be able to greatly slowing it down and even to get some of your kidney function back if you improve your diet and lifestyle. I mean, that’s what I’m here for, right?
And, if you have a question for me that’s not in today’s video, ask it in comment below, I’ll answer there or in the next video!
next google question,

What is Chronic Kidney Disease
Also abbreviated as CKD, having Chronic Kidney Disease means that your kidneys can’t filter your blood like they should. It’s a disease that progresses over the years, so it’s called chronic.

Can kidney disease cause impotence?
Ok, here we go. Let’s get to the sex related questions! Can kidney disease cause impotence?
Yes, yes, it can. Kidney disease can have some very serious effects on the health of people.
It can lower certain hormones; it can increase other values… and fore sure can make you fell tired and fatigued. Now, the body relies on a very, very delicate balance and you don’t want that balance to be altered, trust me.
Not to mention that even the drugs used to treat kidney disease can cause impotence as a side effect.
And then there’s the anxiety, the stress and a lot of other troubles associated with kidney disease.
Yes, people tend to forget about the psychological factor, but that’s very important too.
So, obviously, when your hormones are out of balance, you’re taking pills for this or for that symptom and you’re always tired… well, let’s just say that impotence is a common problem in men with kidney disease.

Can you take Viagra if you have kidney disease
Ah, yes, this is the obvious follow up to the question about impotence.
Ok, this is going to be controversial but yes, I think people should be able to get a prescription for Viagra if they need it, even if they suffer from kidney problems.
Now, I’m telling you that this is going to be controversial because… well there have been cases of people who had acute kidney injury as a result from taking too much Viagra.
Also, there are the interactions, everything you’re taking, both prescription drugs and over the counter medications can have interactions with Viagra.
Some interactions are well known and other are not, but adding some new drugs to the mix always has its risks.
I mean, Viagra is a prescription drug. It has side effects.
Still, as I was saying, Viagra is pretty safe, so if you need it, talk to your doctor.

What causes kidney disease
Well, diabetes and high blood pressure, in most of the cases. High blood pressure and type 2 diabetes cause about 7 cases of kidney disease out of every 10. The other 3 cases are caused by glomerular disease, which is the inflammation of the glomeruli, the tiny filters in your kidneys, polycystic kidney disease, which is a hereditary disease, by type 1 diabetes and tumors.

What are the symptoms of kidney disease
Ok, I can get why this is one of the most googled questions about kidney disease.
People are really worried about the symptoms.
What we need to know about kidney disease is that when the kidneys are not working there’s gonna be a buildup of waste and fluid in the body, because the kidneys cannot remove all these scores anymore, right?
This condition is called uremia, it’s easy to remember this name because it means urine in the blood. The wastes that the kidneys are supposed to remove trough the urine are now in the blood, and this is what causes most of the symptoms of kidney disease.
What you’re going to see most frequently is swelling of the feet, face and hands. Again, there’s too much fluid in the body and this should go somewhere, if it can’t exit trough the urine, right?
Now, the fluid can even accumulate in the soft tissue inside the lungs and the patient may have trouble breathing.
Another symptom all this excess of fluid can cause is ammonia breath.
It can happen that this symptom is so noticeable that people get diagnosed just because of it. I mean, you can smell kidney problems in the breath of people, sometimes.
So if you go to your doctor and they ask you if you have been tested for kidney problems out of the blues… it could be because of the ammonia breath. It’s really easy to smell, because it’s similar to the smell of urine.
This symptom is often accompanied by a metallic taste in the mouth and loss of appetite.
Another recognizable symptom is the change in the urination patterns.
Some patients are going to use the bathroom several times during the night, a symptom called nocturia:
The shift of position of the body laying down will cause the circulation to start concentrating in the kidneys area. The kidneys will try to process a lot of waste created during the day, making the patient want to go to the bathroom even 8 or 10 times a night.
Another symptom of kidney disease is foamy urine. Now, we are not talking about some bubbles in the urine here, which is perfectly normal, but if you see a foam similar to what you can find on the top a freshly spilled beer that definitely could be proteinuria.

Can a man with kidney failure get a woman pregnant? Ok, this is not a strange question at all
Yes, yes, a man with kidney failure can still get a woman pregnant.

Can a girl with one kidney get pregnant? Ok, this is a bit stranger. Obviously, you can still get pregnant if you have just one kidney.
However, there could be problems with the pregnancy if the remaining kidney is damaged or if there’s loss of kidney function.

How long a man can survive with one kidney?
Most people live normal, healthy lives with one kidney. However, it’s important to stay as healthy as possible, and protect the only kidney you have.

Can kidney problems cause back pain?
Yes, both kidney damage and kidney stones can cause pain in the kidney area, often called back pain.
Remember that the kidneys are inside the rib cage, higher than people think, so if your lower back hurts… it’s probably a problem with your muscles or spine.

What are the stages of chronic kidney disease
Chronic kidney disease has 5 stages, going from stage 1 where your kidneys are still ok to stage 5, where you will require dialysis or a transplant.

Can kidney stones kill you?
Yes, for sure kidney stones can kill you. They can block the ureter or cause sepsis… kidney stones are a serious issue and they can actually kill people, if left untreated. Luckily there are ways to remove them, but this doesn’t mean kidney stones cannot cause damage.

Can kidney damage be reversed?
For sure it can be reversed, especially if it’s not caused by chronic kidney disease. As I was saying before, it’s a lot harder to undo the damages of chronic kidney disease, but the symptoms and complications can still be treated.

Can kidney disease cause weight loss
Yes, yes, it can. It’s frequent in patients in the advanced stages. Since nausea and lack of appetite are common, patients may find it hard to eat enough to maintain their body wright.

Can kidney disease cause high blood pressure
Ok, we’ve already seen that kidney disease can BE caused by high blood pressure, right?
And, unfortunately, kidney disease can also cause high blood pressure. It’s like a vicious cycle, the kidneys get damaged and they stop making the substances needed by the body to lower blood pressure. So there’s the risk that blood pressure can skyrocket and cause even more damage to the kidneys.
This is the reason why I always tell people with kidney disease to be very, very careful with their blood pressure.

Can kidney disease cause anemia
Oh, yes, it can. It’s a common complication actually. Anemia is a condition in which you don’t have enough red blood cells in your blood. It causes fatigue. Fortunately, it can be treated, even in kidney disease patients, and this can give a relief from the fatigue.

Can I lower my blood pressure without medication
For sure you can! The best ways to lower blood pressure are removing salt from the diet, avoiding stress and doing light physical activity.

Does protein damage the kidneys?
Oh, here’s a tricky one! There are two answers to this question and only one applies to you!
It was widely believed, for years, that eating too much protein was going to damage your kidneys.
Even healthcare professional used to believe that! Well, this isn’t true.
It has been proven that, at least for healthy people, protein won’t cause any harm to the kidneys.
Also, we know that the two main risk factors for kidney failure are high blood pressure and diabetes.
A higher protein intake benefits both. And it can even make you lose weight!
Now, the other side of the coin. It is true that protein metabolism is hard on the kidneys. This doesn’t cause any harm on people with healthy kidneys, right? But, if your kidneys are damaged, it’s a whole different story. Excess of protein can do a lot of damage to the kidneys of someone with kidney disease.

Can kidney disease cause hair loss
Yes, yes, this can happen, but I wouldn’t consider hair loss a sign of kidney problems. CKD, especially in the advanced stages can cause a lot of changes in your body… hair loss or discoloration, nail problems… even tooth and bone problems are possible.

Can kidney disease kill you
Oh, yes. It can.

Can kidney disease be transmitted sexually?
mmmm… no, it’s not a sexually transmitted disease. But, People with kidney disease can get Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs too. so safe sex is important. STDs can occur in people with kidney failure just as they can in anyone else.

What STD messes with your kidneys?
Ah, ok this one is interesting. STDs, can be a cause for kidney damage, ok? Especially if left untreated. So never do that. Get checked and treated if you suspect anything.
The same is true for UTIs, or urinary tract infections. The pathogens may reach the kidneys and cause an infection. This is a cause of kidney damage.

How do you check kidney health?
There’s a urine test called ACR. ACR stands for “albumin-to-creatinine ratio”.
Basically, it’s a test to know if there’s albumin in your urine, because that could mean that your kidneys are leaking this protein. That would be a sign of kidney damage.
If this test is positive, meaning that’s a kidney damage is possible, then your blood will be tested for creatinine.
Creatinine level can be used to estimate your GFR, a number that will tell you exactly how well your kidneys are working.

What foods help repair kidneys?
There are many foods that can help you… that’s basically what I talk about the most here on 00Kidney, so remember to subscribe and tap the notification bell, if you still haven’t.
Mostly you will want to follow a plant-based diet, because that’s where all the nutrients your kidneys need are.
Now, kidney patients can have hard times finding healthy foods to add to their diets, some veggies have too much phosphorus, some other have potassium… it’s always hard to find foods good for the kidneys.
So also watch my other videos because they’re full of healthy foods you can add to your diet.

Can kidney patients eat rice?
Yes, they can eat white rice. But with some attention to portion control, because of the content of carbohydrates in rice. So, especially if your concern is to manage blood sugar, don’t eat more than 2/3 of a cup of rice per meal.
Brown rice is better avoided because of the phosphorus in it.

Can you stop kidney disease from progressing?
Yes! You can stop it from progressing in most of the cases, and you can slow it down in all the cases.
It takes a lot of hard work, because you need to tackle the cause of the problem and do dietary changes, find the correct balance with the medications and follow a healthy lifestyle, but I’ve seen people doing it.
Want to know more about how to stop kidney disease? Watch this video now!
This is all for today, thank you for watching!

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