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Treatment Options for Kidney Patients: Hemodialysis


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Hemodialysis machine. Click to enlarge

How do Hemodialysis works and for which patients is it recommended?
Hemodialysis treatment are done using a complex dialysis machine to get rid of harmful toxins in the bloodstream, and then bringing back the thoroughly clean blood to the person.

  • Time: This kind of dialysis treatment needs to be repeated three times every week and the procedure takes approximately three to four hours.
  • Modality: Hemodialysis uses a particular kind of filter to clean out the blood. The blood is first passed through a number of tubes into a filter. The filter then cleanses the blood and this clean blood is then transferred back to the body using a different set of tubes.
  • Place: Hemodialysis treatment is mostly carried out in dialysis centers.
  • Requirements: Before starting this treatment, it might be necessary to perform an operation on the patient to connect an artery and a vein in one of the arms. This is because Hemodialysis requires a fistula or a graft, without which it cannot be performed.

The procedure in details:

The filter used in this kind of treatment is known as the dialyzer. It is also called the artificial kidney because it basically takes over the function of the kidney.
It cleanses the blood of waste material when the kidney fails to do it. The procedure involves inserting two needles at the point of access. Through these needles, the blood flows into the adjoining set of tubes which then carry the blood to the filter. Small amounts of blood flow out of the body at a time and all the while, the procedure is controlled by the dialysis machine. The machine pumps the blood through the dialysis system and is responsible for regulating the pressure, temperature and waste removal. It also controls the time taken for the dialysis.




Hemodialysis at home:

Though people mostly opt for dialysis centers for this kind of treatment, it is also possible to get this treatment at home. In that case, the patient will be doing his own treatment, may be with the help of a family member. While in-center dialysis provide the patient with the services of trained nurses and technicians (who carry out the entire procedure), doing it at home allows the patient to fit in the treatment into his every day schedule.

It is recommended to go for the in-center dialysis at the beginning because it is a lot more safe. However with proper training and with gradual experience, one can successfully and safely carry out his own dialysis as well.

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