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Published on April 3rd, 2020 | by Michaelw


How to protect your kidney health and SURVIVE the next few weeks

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Hello, this is Katherine, Welcome to 00kidney.
Let’s face it. Protecting your renal health has never been as vital as it is right now.
If you have kidney disease, there are 5 things you absolutely need to avoid if you want to survive the current world events.
And don’t worry, this isn’t going to be another one of those videos about cleaning your hands and social distancing… we’re all sick and tired of those, right?
No, this is a video for the 00kidney community, for those of you following me and watching all my videos.
This is going to be about raising the awareness for kidney disease.
Because, let’s face it, your kidney health is important. Even if nobody cares right now, your health is still important.
That’s why you have the right to be a little selfish, right now, and to give your own health the priority.
Because when all this mess will be over, what will really matter is if you took the right actions to protect your kidney health.
So, I’ll show you in a moment what the 5 things absolutely not to do right now are.
And, since this a video I’m making especially for the 00kidney community, there’s a comment from one of you I want to answer. It’s a really interesting question, actually.

This comment is from … Nina Kouassi … I hope I’m pronouncing your name correctly.
In my video health tips to lower creatinine, she asks.

Thank God, there is still hope!!!
Thank you so much Katherine for your help.
Please Katherine, I’m 2 stage CKD 72 2 months ago. But my doctor recommended me not to take any action except drinking a lot of water but I want to reverse it.
What should I do?
Since I need to work with my doctor.

Hello Nina, I always tell people here to listen to their doctors and to do what they say.
But, in your case I will make an exception. I don’t really like this advice from your doctor.
You see, in a way, you are lucky. I mean, having kidney disease is not something you should be underestimating.
But being diagnosed as early as you was is definitely a good thing.
Because you can totally manage the disease and you have the best chances of reversing it.

Now, I want to think your doctor told you not to take any action… just from the medical point of view.
So, no drugs, no treatments… and that’s good, don’t get me wrong.
But there’s a ton of other things you can do to reverse kidney disease.
First of all, you absolutely need to understand what’s the cause of your kidney problems.
Do you suffer from hypertension? Diabetes? Do you have a genetic condition?
Each one of these will require a different approach.
Why were you diagnosed in the first place?
I’m asking this because treating the cause and finding a way to stop what’s causing the damage will be your best option, if you want to reverse kidney disease.
So, get informed, read your analysis and watch my videos. In particular, I’ve made a video for the new patients that you may find useful. Link is up here.
Yes, you can reverse kidney disease. And you have plenty of time to do so. Just, don’t waste your time.
Don’t wait for it to get worse. Act now.

Ok guys, time for our top 5 now!
Thing to avoid Number 5:

Seriously, don’t panic. And, most of all, don’t make any decision based on fear.
If you are fighting for the health of your kidneys right now, you should keep being strong.
Today, this is more important than ever.
And remember that, however hard things may be right now, this is just a temporary situation.
Things are going to get better, let’s hope sooner than later.
So, don’t panic. Keep going strong.
We all have seen the looting, the troubles and the social issues that are happening. It’s on the news every day.
These are not caused by the current events directly; these are caused by fear.
Don’t let fear make decisions instead of you.
And, remember, don’t let the fear stop you from fighting for a better kidney health.
It is normal to be scared when you have to face a life-threatening illness.
Especially during trying times, like those we are facing right now.
It’s too easy to lose hope.
But, hey, if there’s someone with a strong will to fight, already prepared to face any bad situation the life gives them… well they are people like you, people suffering from kidney disease, people who have been battling with an illness like this for years.
People who are still fighting.
Now, I want to read you a comment on this very topic, because I feel this is the best example of why it is important to be brave right now.

As many of you, when I was diagnosed with CKD I was scared. I asked my doctor how much this was going to limit my life span.
He smiled and replied Put it this way, I have patients in their 80s who still have useful kidney function.
I did not expect that. I could not have imagined that he had just given me the best medicine possible. Hope. He planted a seed. He also gave me the belief that anything is possible.
So I started to do researches online, I improved my renal diet and I started to work with my doctor and dietitian to improve my treatment.
And now I’m not just more confident that I will live a long life, I’ve also seen the first improvement in my blood tests in years.
Although my body has CKD, I am still me. I choose to be the best version of me. I make the time to be conscious of my health and wellbeing.

Yes, this comment is really, really inspiring. It tells us that even if you’re scared, there’s still hope.
Now, what I read here is that it took her some really hard work to get there, getting back some kidney function and seeing some improvement is a really great and important result.
So, in my opinion, it is worth some hard work, right?
Now, this cooment for me means hope. And hope is what we all need right now.
So if you know anyone who could benefit from a boost of hope in their fight to beat kidney disease, send them this video now so you can help them.
Because people can actually improve their renal function and lower their creatinine levels.
even during bad times.

Now, this comment also made me think about my relationship with god.
I don’t usually talk about god or religion much in my videos.
But it does help, you know. It made me braver when I was scared.
In my opinion, if you’re religious, now it’s a great time to start praying a little bit more.
No, I don’t mean in a church. You can also pray by your own.
You know, praying has greatly helped me overcoming my most difficult times and I feel I couldn’t have done it without knowing God was there to listen and to help me.
By the way, if you want to talk about this, leave me a message in comment section, you know that I always answer, right?

Time for our number 4
You should absolutely avoid to…

Make your own health a low priority.
Yes, that’s a big mistake right now. Absolutely avoid to give your own health a low priority.
If you have CKD you are more at risk than others. That’s a fact.
My recommendation is that … it is ok to be a little selfish, right now.
And, this is not an advice that I’m giving lightly.
Being selfish is not a good thing, usually. I mean, especially for people with children or nephews, being selfish is totally not a common thing to do.
But the events that are going on these days are not common.
For example, there was news on the papers of A New York man who refused to let his 21-year-old son back into his home after the college student went on a spring break trip to Texas.
Maybe you’ve read about it?

New York dad refuses to allow his college kid son, 21, home after he ignored his warning NOT to go Spring Break partying in Texas amid fears for his family and grandparents.

Matt Levine, 21, and friends went to Texas, for spring break .
Dad, Peter Levine, 52, told him to come home instead,
Matt didn’t listen, leaving Peter no choice but to bar him from returning home
Peter said that Matt’s grandparents live in the home and it was too dangerous
When Matt flew back home, Peter stopped him from going inside and sent him back on the road with a trunk full of groceries and $300 cash

No, when I read about this, I was incredulous. I mean, why should this be surprising? How is this news?
I mean, come on, what should the father have done? Let his son come back home and risk the lives of their grandparents?
I don’t know.
Because, as you may already know, seniors are more at risk.
Just like people affected from chronic illness, especially kidney disease.
So I totally feel the father was in the right here, sending his son back to college and not letting him inside the house.
And, guys, let me know in comment what you think about this, alright?
I really want to know if you feel a lot differently about this piece of news than me.

Because, what I think people with kidney disease should do, in this situation is to be a little selfish.
A lot of the advice is the same for everyone, but with a vulnerable group, it’s that much more important because they’re at risk.
So maybe you can have someone shop for your groceries and refill any medications, so you don’t have to go outside by yourself?
Yes, that could look selfish, but right now this is the responsible choice, if you have kidney disease.

And, since we’re on topic,

time for our kidney health tip number 3:
Absolutely avoid…

No, I’m not talking about social interactions.
I’m talking about drugs interactions.
Do you know that basically any food, supplement or herb can interact with the medications you are taking?
If you watch my videos regularly, you may already know that I always recommend to double check with your doctor if any new supplement, home remedy… even foods you may want to try is safe for you.
Because of the risk for drug interactions.
What are drug interactions?
Drug interactions are combinations of medication with other substances that alter the medication’s effect on the body in an unwanted way.
They can cause your medications to be less or more potent than intended.
They can also result in unexpected side effects, which may be harmful.
Now, if you use multiple medications, you should be especially mindful of how the drugs can interact between them.
Ok, your doctor should be the one that double checks that everything you’re taking is not going to cause troubles, actually.
But do all doctors do this? Nope.
This is why you should be aware of this risk, if you want to protect the health of your kidneys.

But, a lot of drugs can have interaction.
I see a lot of patients that get prescribed 10 or maybe 20 different drugs from several specialists to treat different diseases and symptoms. It’s not that uncommon, actually, elderly patients in a lot of cases take up to 5 pills per day.
The problem here is that one of the main functions of the kidneys is to actually process and get rid of drugs.
So everything you take has an effect on the health of your kidneys, because they have to clear it.
The kidneys are always the body’s first line of defense against toxic ingredients and chemicals, but they are also taking the biggest blow.

Now, some interactions are more tricky than others and you should pay particular attention.
For example:
Vitamin K-Rich Foods + Warfarin
Yes, I’m talking about foods here.
If you are on warfarin, a very common anticoagulant drug, you should always maintain a consistent intake of vitamin K.
So you may want to avoid introducing a lot of kale, spinach, and other leafy greens to your diet suddenly.
Vitamin K is vital for the production of clotting factors that help prevent bleeding, but anticoagulants like warfarin exert their effect by inhibiting vitamin K. Therefore, an increased intake of the nutrient can antagonize the anticoagulant effect and prevent the drug from working.
This would be rally dangerous.
Another example, statins and grapefruit juice.
Statins are a very controversial drug. They’re often prescribed to kidney patients, but are also known to cause kidney damage.
And they can interact with grapefruit juice.
Some compounds in grapefruit can cause an increase in medication potency by interacting with enzymes in the small intestine and liver. This interaction partially inactivates a number of medications under normal circumstances.
So, patients should avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice while statins.

Now, drug to drug interactions are even more common, and the effects may be even worse.

How to avoid risks from drug interaction?
Bring a complete list of what you’re taking and why you’re taking these medications along with your last lab results every time you see your doctor or any physician that’s supposed to prescribe you something.
Before taking a drug, ask your doctor or pharmacist the following questions:
Can I take it with other drugs? Should I avoid certain foods, beverages or other products?
Remember that when your doctor prescribes you a medication it’s always a risk versus benefits situation. In theory the benefits have to outweigh the risk but… this is not always the case.

You also need to make sure that all of your doctors know all of the drugs, herbs, supplements, and vitamins you are using. Even if you take only one medication, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor or pharmacist about what you are using, so you can identify possible interactions. This advice applies to both prescription and nonprescription drugs.

This is especially important in the current situation, since taking any health-related risk would be really unwise right now.

Our next big mistake to avoid…

Number 2 running out of medications
OK, this is definitely one of the worst mistakes you can do right now.
When it comes to your medications, you do want to take extra precautions to make sure you have the supply you need – especially if you’re part of a vulnerable population.
This isn’t for fear that drug companies will run out of your drugs; it’s so you don’t have to run out in the next days.

Unfortunately, health plans generally enforce refill restrictions. If you have a 30-day supply, for example, you can not get a refill until day 24 or after.
Health plans impose these rules to keep patients from having too much medication at home.
However, on March 13, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) issued a statement asking health plans and benefit managers to waive the restrictions. This will allow patients to get early refills with ease.

So, How much medication should you have?
Try to get a 90 days supply, if you can.
Ask your pharmacist if they can fill a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply.
If your health plan limits the amount of medication you can get, ask your provider to help you apply for a quantity limit exception.
Talk to your health plan. Call your insurer directly and ask them to allow you to get a refill before the refill date.
But, most of all,
Don’t take”no” for an answer. Advocate for yourself and get others like your provider and pharmacist to speak up on your behalf.

Now, what you may ask is, How do I get medication if I can’t leave my house?
You may be able to get your medication delivered directly to you. Here’s how:
Reach out to big chain drug stores. Take advantage of CVS or Walgreens. Both companies are currently offering free home delivery of prescription drugs.
Call your local, independent pharmacy. Many smaller mom ‘n pop pharmacies typically deliver medications for free.
Try a mail-order service. Now might be a good time to check out mail-order pharmacies. They often offer great discounts and free shipping.
But first find out if your insurance company will cover mail order and how long you will have to wait to get a refill.

Also, don’t let your doctor forget you exist.

It has become really harder these days for kidney disease patients going to their doctors, talking to them… for some people even getting recipes for their refills has become a problem.
So, find a way to talk to your doctor. Don’t let them forget you exist.

Our number one.
The biggest mistake.
And it is…

Wasting your time.
A lot of people are confined inside their homes, right now.
If this describes you, well, you have two choices.
You can spend this time worrying or you can spend it doing something useful, and improving yourself.
A great way to do so would be… getting informed. Like you’re doing, for what I can tell.
See, there’s already a bright side.
So, keep getting informed and keep fighting to improve your health.
Yes, information is power, especially when it come to your own health.
So, if you want to know more about fighting and beating kidney disease, I’ve made a playlist with all my best educational videos.
Because this would be a great way to spend some free time and also to overcome the current world event.
And I’m making a new video about some incredibly healthy herbal remedies you can actually grow in your vase or in your garden.
So stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe.
As usual thank you for watching. This is all for today, see you next Tuesday.

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