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Published on March 27th, 2020 | by Michaelw


Story of a man who reverse kidney disease

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Hello, this is Katherine, welcome to 00kidney.
Today’s video is going to be really special! I have with me here a real survivor, someone who was in stage 5 of CKD… who now is in stage 3!
Like many of you, he is still fighting his battle against kidney disease, and guess what? He is winning it.
So now I am going to introduce you to a man who has not only reversed his kidney disease, but helps others to do the same.

Welcome fellow YouTuber James from Dadvice TV.

Hello Katherine and thank you so much for allowing me to share my experience with reversing kidney disease. I’ve been a subscriber to 00Kidney for a long time and I’m glad to be here and talk about my experience.

Oh that’s great and I am so happy you are here.
I know everyone will be very interested to hear your amazing story. Can you tell us about when you first learned you had kidney disease?

Oh sure thing so
I was the typical person, eating fast food, following the Standard American Diet, drinking sodas with every meal, and paying no attention to my kidney health. Which is odd since my mom has kidney disease as has been battling it for some time. Then in late 2017 I was in a terrible car accident which left me with severe back problems. Over the next year I was going through therapy to recover and using Ibuprofen and Advil PM to help with inflammation and pain. I was actually using the children’s dose and never exceeded the daily maximum, but I took it daily for a year.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately it looks like you had to learn about the worst dangers for the health of the kidneys in the worst way possible.
Sorry if I’m blunt here, but I always recommend people here to avoid sodas and NSAIDs… and this is especially important in case of a family history of kidney disease.
Unfortunately, you had to learn about this the hard way.

Exactly and this tells us how much important is to get informed about our health!
But now I’m doing my part on my Youtube channel, trying to raise awareness for kidney disease and its risk factors.

That’s great, I really appreciate what you’re doing. Raising the awareness for CKD has never been so important.
So how did you discover you were having kidney problems?

Well, near the end of October of 2018 I started getting very sick. My vision was blurred, my blood pressure was out of control, I couldn’t keep any food down – I pretty much had every symptom of kidney disease and didn’t realize it. I thought I had food poisoning. I eventually went to the ER and collapsed. From there I was in and out of consciousness. They somehow got me onto a gurney and had IVs in arms. I remember I had extremely low potassium and they gave me several bags of it through the IV. The next morning a doctor came in and told me things were very serious – and that is when I first heard those words “You have Kidney Disease”. But I didn’t just have kidney disease, I was in kidney failure.
My initial GFR was only 8.

Oh no. So, you heard you had a kidney failure before even knowing you had any kidney problems.
That had to be devastating.

That’s right and I had absolutely no clue my kidneys had any problems. To make it worse, the doctor told me I needed Dialysis and a transplant. I didn’t believe I had kidney problems, I was certain it was food poisoning. She told me that without dialysis, my wife would be picking out my coffin in 45 days. That is the moment it all became real to me. I have a family, I have a job I love, and dialysis would be a massive change to my life. Dialysis would mean losing my job and not being able to afford my house and more. So I started doing research on alternatives. I started calling, emailing, and messaging doctors, scientist, and researchers all around the world. I found your YouTube channel, started reading research papers about different diets and nutrition, and I just knew there was another choice than dialysis, transplant, and death. My family doctor had been keeping an eye on my progress and knew just how devastating the news was to me, and he reached out and told me not to worry, that he could help me.
So that was the start of me going forward and trying to avoid going on dialysis.

Yes, not losing hope is the most important thing.
People don’t believe me when I tell them this, but hope sometimes makes a bigger difference than what the best treatments and doctors can make.
But when you get this kind of bad news and your world seems to turn upside down… I mean, I can only imagine how hard it was for you and your family.
What happened next? How have you managed not just to cope with all this but even to get better?

Next was exactly the type of things you talk about. My doctors worked with me to help me find the right foods to eat. I had to learn what not to eat so that I did not more damage to my kidneys. And then I had to learn what to eat to give my body the nutrients it needed. I took everything I found online and questioned my doctors about it. Every time I visited one of my doctors, I asked them to give me a tip to improve by my next visit. And I started getting better. When I made it into stage 4 I was no longer in immediate need for dialysis, so I started sharing my journey on YouTube to help others see there is hope.

Oh, that is wonderful. THIS is exactly the reason why I’m here. That’s why I’m doing my best spreading the information about kidney disease.
Hearing about people like you, people who were able to do the impossible, people who were able to reverse kidney disease.
So, what stage are you now?

You ready for this? Diagnosed kidney failure thought I had 0 chances of getting better.
Today I am safely in stage 3. All thanks to watching what I eat and drink – knowing which foods, and sometimes supplements, were best for my body. Every time I got new labs I would adjust my diet. So I’m stage 3 and I’m going to keep improving I’m not gonna stop.

Oh, this is great. And I want to know more.
We know that food is the best medicine, when it comes to chronic diseases, right?
Ok, what are the foods you think helped you most?

You are right food is the best medicine. So my healthcare team had me focus

I would drink 19 ounces of water a day.

So, you are telling me that you had to change your diet, water intake, lifestyle, supplements… basically your whole daily routine.
And you also had to keep monitoring your values and adapt to them.
This really, really sounds like what I recommend to my subscribers here on 00kidney basically in every single video I make.
You mentioned that before you were diagnosed you suffered so many common symptoms of kidney disease. What symptoms do you suffer from today?

None – not a single one! I make sure and get enough Iron, vitamin C and the B vitamins to keep anemia away and my energy up. I eat a low protein very plant-based diet. And I use the right supplements to help me continue to improve.

No Symptoms? Wow it’s fantastic! Now you mentioned supplements, can you share what ones you use?

Certainly. Now the important thing with supplements is to always check with your doctor first, and each supplement you take has to be taken for a reason. I take supplements to help me get what I can’t easily get in my diet. The first supplement is a renal multivitamin called ProRenal+D. It has the essential vitamins kidney patients need and have trouble getting enough of. Next is Renadyl, a prebiotic and probiotic dietary supplement designed for kidney patients. I also take some extra vitamin D, a Super B-Complex vitamin, and CoQ10 each day.

Yes I’ve talked about some of these supplements in my previous videos.
As usual, for you guys watching me right now, there’s a link in description where you can find most of these supplements. Remember to always talk to your doctor before taking anything new.
Now Renadyl is something most people haven’t heard about.
I was curious after watching your video and did some research about it.
Probiotics are known to work and to help people with kidney disease.
And there’s science behind them. Improving gut health is the way to go if you want to repair your kidneys. This is especially important if you have diabetic kidney disease because it really works great on improving insulin sensitivity.
But you’re the expert on Renadyl. What do you think of it? Did it help

To me, Renadyl is bottled up magic. It’s not just another probiotic, it is made for people with kidney disease.
The researchers behind it know that the when people have kidney disease, they’re at an higher risk of accumulating nitrogenous waste in the bowel.
The kidneys have troubles removing this nitrogen and, unfortunately, this byproduct can feed the bad bacteria in our guts.
This is why the good bacteria, those we can get from Renadyl, can help.
They see the toxins in our system as food – I’m talking about toxins like urea, uric acid, and excess creatinine. This good bacteria gobbles it up and you pass it in your stool when you go to the restroom.
This is why, while normal probiotics can help, this is on a whole different league.

Yeah that sounds amazing.
And it’s great that finally there’s some products specifically made for people with kidney disease out there.
And I mean products not just made to alleviate the symptoms.
You weren’t able to find those just a few years ago. The renal vitamins, the probiotics made just for kidney patients.
These won’t solve your problem alone but can be really useful.
And I know that you even did a 90-day trial with renadyl, recently. Can you tell us about your results?

The results were above expectations.
I took 2 of them a day for 90 days straight. This allowed the amount of good bacteria in my gut to build up.
I started to feel great almost immediately. The best part is that the good bacteria
not only reduce the amount of toxins in your system.
They also reduce the burden placed on your kidneys. When I got new labs after 90-days of using Renadyl, I nearly cried. My BUN was down from 42 to 28 – just 3 points above normal! My Creatinine was down from 2.52 to 2.25! This boosted my GFR by 4 points.

WOW! That is just amazing. You have come so far.
And I really really hope you’ll be able to lower your medications too. That would be really awesome.
And I can see how much you have improved by seeing how you look and your energy level in your YouTube videos.

Thank you Katherine! And if anyone would like to learn more about my journey, I encourage them to check out my YouTube channel called Dadvice TV. Now I have one question for you Katherine – when will you make more cooking videos? I really enjoy those – I’m a bad cook and it is so much easier to learn from watching someone.
To my diet

Oh, thank you, I love cooking and I’m so glad you enjoyed my videos.
I’m focusing more on healthy foods right now, because it’s a lot easier for people to eat healthy when they know where to start from!
I mean a lot of doctors only tell you wat NOT to eat but I think that knowing what to eat to improve is a lot better.
And yes, I’ll have to work up some new recipes and make some more cooking videos soon, that’s a lot of fun!

As you can see, it is possible to reverse kidney disease and James is proof.
Knowing the right foods, drinks, and supplements is very important. And most of the times your doctors will not tell you this. You have to take control of your treatment and push your doctor to stop thinking the old ways of treating kidney disease.
By the way guys, I know that a lot of you watching me right now had similar experiences with kidney disease. And that some of you even recovered.
I know this because I love reading your comments, they’re my inspiration.
So, if you want to share your story too, this is the place. Let me know in comment section so we can talk about it.
And remember that, like James said, some home remedies can help you improving your kidney health.
A new video is coming out this Tuesday and it’s gonna be about some new and incredibly powerful home remedies that can help you repairing your kidneys.
So, don’t forget to subscribe to 00kidney and tap the notification bell to get notified.
Want to know more about how to reverse kidney disease? In this video, the story of a man who did it. He was in stage 5 and avoided dialysis thanks to a simple strategy.
Watch his video now.
This is all for today, thank you for watching

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