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Published on April 26th, 2019 | by Katherine


The Easiest Renal Diet 2019 part 2

This renal diet is so powerful that it will profoundly clean up your body from toxins.

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The natural way – The dialysis-free kidney treatment that has been proven to help stage 5 patients

The kidney friendly diet Today I’ll show you one of the best renal diet I’ve ever seen.
Because it’s the easiest one. a recent study found out that a group of patients on a very specific renal diet, called the 6 tips diet, were having better results than any other group.
They were having better metabolic profiles, better blood analysis, their GFR was improving.

Here’s the Easiest Renal Diet summarized:

  • Tip 1 Eat 4–5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily – 02:12
  • Tip 2 Meat, fish, or eggs are allowed in a reasonable quantity – 03:49
  • Tip 3 Replace pasta and bread with low protein alternatives – 05:15
  • Tip 4 It’s a secret!
  • Tip 5 Do not use salt during cooking or at the table – 08:17
  • Tip 6 Always avoid processed meats, dairy products and canned foods – 09:24

The secret of this special program? It was a lot easier than anything else the patients had ever tried. Researchers found out that having the patients starting with knowing what to eat instead of what to avoid, was the best way to have them following the diet.
I know this may seem too good to be true, but I’ve followed this specific study very closely.
What I’m presenting you today are the incredible findings these scientists were able to prove.
By accurately balancing the nutrients in the simplified kidney diet (vitamins, minerals, sodium, potassium, protein, salt) they were actually able to improve gfr in patients.
What the program I’m showing you today proves, is that a simple diet, that people actually follow, is a million times better than a complex program too hard or too expensive to follow.
This was proven. People on complex protocols were a lot more prone to just stop following the diet.

Disclaimer: seek appropriate professional advice before taking any action based on the info provided on this channel.

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