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Published on May 10th, 2022 | by Michaelw


The nutrient you need the most to lower your creatinine levels

This is the healthiest food in the world when it comes to
lowering your creatinine levels!

Eating just 5 to 10 grams of this nutrient is proven to
lower your bad cholesterol by 10 points or more!

This nutrient is also a must for those with diabetes.

Consuming more of it, lowers blood sugar by 28%,
according to research.

And this is not all.

If eaten in a reasonable amount, this nutrient is also
capable of lowering your blood pressure by 15%.

And we are talking about a nutrient that you can find in many tasty foods.

This is not some pill you need to take.

And, as I was saying, it can greatly help with kidney

A diet rich in this nutrient is associated to a slower
decline in kidney function.

yes, this nutrient directly protects the kidneys.

In a large review of studies, patients in stage 3 and 4
of CKD were able to lower their creatinine levels at the point that their
kidney function completely stabilized.

Some were even able to improve their kidney function, mainly thanks to this nutrient.

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Hi, my name is Michael and in this blog I'm gonna share the story of how I got off kidney dialysis for good. Getting off dialysis isn't easy at all, and that's why I'm trying to help people as much as I can.

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