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5 Best Habits to DETOX the KIDNEYS

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If you have kidney disease stage 3 or 4, drinking this special ACV and honey tonic before breakfast is really going to help with cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and blood pressure!
A real kidney detoxifier!

Hello, Katherine from 00kidney here, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health.
There are 5 easy detoxing habits that can really help you lower your creatinine levels and cleanse your kidneys
Because – and I want to be very clear on this – Kidney disease can be reversed even in stage 4 – I’ve met people who were able to do just that.
But you have to take really good care of your kidneys.
The kidneys are the first line defense of the body against harmful wastes, scores and toxins. But they can easily be damaged when there are too many toxins in the body.
This is why the combined effect of the 5 powerful kidney detoxing habits can have a huge, positive impact on your kidney health.

Our number 5, in particular, can help lower your cholesterol levels, stabilize blood sugar levels and alkalize your body.
Good habit number 5

drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
Yes because apple cider vinegar, or ACV in short, is one of the most powerful detoxifiers for a lot of different reasons.
First of all, it detoxes against sugar, one of the most dangerous toxins that exist.
Studies have in fact documented Improved Blood Sugar Levels and Insulin Sensitivity in people who drink ACV regularly, including those with diabetes.
And there are also studies showing that ACV lowers Cholesterol and reduces Blood Pressure, with great benefit for the heart and kidneys.
Not to mention that ACV helps fighting urinary tract infections, a particularly dangerous type of infection that’s unfortunately common in those suffering from kidney problems.
So, drinking ACV regularly can help with diabetes, some types of cancer, high cholesterol, urinary tracts problems.
All these benefits make ACV a powerful kidney detoxifier.
The only downside is that you need to find real, unfiltered raw acv – most store-bought acv is… useless.
Useless ACV will mostly look like this:
This is clear, you can see through it. It means that it has been filtered and pasteurized.
This processing will remove most of the health benefits of ACV.
What you want is raw, unfiltered ACV with the mother, like this one I have here.
What is “the mother” in ACV, and why does it matter?
When apple cider vinegar undergoes a slow fermentation process, it creates a buildup of yeast and sugars, which is also a probiotic.
This buildup of desirable micronutrients is called “the mother,” and it usually collects at the bottom of the AVC bottle or floats around in strands, making it appear cloudy.
You’ll find this in certain brands, like Bragg organic, raw apple cider vinegar, for example and some other brands.
This is what you want.
Now guys, once you find real ACV, the best way to consume it is to dilute 1 to 2 tbs in a large glass of water.
Drink it before meals or first thing in the morning, when it has the greatest reducing impact on blood sugar.
Or, even better, use it to prepare the powerful kidney detox drink I’ll show you in the next part of the video.
It’s a special recipe, that can lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and detox the kidneys.
It’s made from acv, honey and a couple other ingredients!
But before that, a vitamin you probably never heard about

Number 4, to detox your kidneys, add more

Vitamin F to your diet!
So, what is vitamin F?
THIS vitamin was discovered in the 1920s when scientists found that fat-free diets had adverse effects on rats.
Initially, the scientists suspected the rats were deficient in a new vitamin they called vitamin F.
They didn’t know that the essential nutrient those rats were missing was not a vitamin in the traditional sense of the word, but an essential fatty acid.
2 fatty acids actually: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA).
They are essential for regular body functions, including aspects of brain and heart health.
So, have you ever heard about vitamin F? let’s talk about it in comment section!
And also, it’s a good idea to add more sources of this essential nutrient to your diet: it is proven to detox the kidneys!
Alpha-linolenic acid is popular for preventing and treating diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
It is used to prevent heart attacks, lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and reverse “hardening of the blood vessels” (atherosclerosis).
ALA is the primary fat in the omega-3 family.
In fact, in the body, ALA is converted into other beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.
And maybe you don’t know this, but eating a diet high in alpha-linolenic acid seems to reduce risk of hypertension by about a third!
and an increased intake of omega-3 fats like ALA has been associated with decreased inflammation in the joints, digestive tract, lungs, and kidneys.
A very useful nutrient!
Now guys, this may sound confusing but alpha-linolenic acid and alpha lipoic acid are NOT the same thing.
Alpha-linolenic acid is an essential omega-3 fatty acid, while alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant.
The only thing these two nutrients have in common is that they can both help with kidney problems.
Alpha lipoic acid is particularly helpful because it protects the kidneys from damage caused by diabetes.
I’ve talked more in depth about alpha lipoic acid in this video up here, if you want to know more about it.
Alpha-linolenic acid, the topic of today’s video is found in many plant foods, including kale, spinach , soybeans, walnuts, and many seeds, such as chia seeds.
But there’s one food in particular that is so rich in this nutrient that it has been used as a medicine for kidney problems since 5000 BC.
Do you want to see it?

Good habit number 3
Add Flaxseed to your meals!
This is a truly underrated superfood – incredibly powerful when it comes to detoxing the kidneys, and not just due the high content of ALA.
In fact, in a study on stage 5 kidney disease patients, those administered flaxseed oil – 2g per day – saw a reduction in cholesterol of 7.6% and – incredibly – a reduction in C-reactive protein levels of 48%!
C-reactive protein is the most important test for inflammation. Lowering this level by 48% means that many patients considered “inflamed” before the study were not considered so after the study.
This is extremely important for every kidney disease patient, but especially for those with Kidney inflammation diseases, glomerulonephritis, IgA nephropathy or Polycystic kidney disease.
Scientists have also discovered that flaxseeds reduce physical changes to the kidney.
This included significantly reduced scarring, called fibrosis and significantly reduced presence of white blood cells in the kidneys.
Yes, this is a superfood, not a medicine!
Science also tells us that the fiber in flaxseed binds with cholesterol in the intestine and prevents it from being absorbed.
And also, flaxseed makes platelets, the blood cells involved in clotting, less sticky.
This may result in lowered blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
Flaxseed is also a great source of dietary fiber plus it contains minerals like manganese, thiamine and magnesium.
What you should know about flaxseed is that you need to ground or mill it to get the benefits.
Eating the seed whole is possible, but would likely pass through the human body largely unprocessed, depriving a person of their many benefits.
And don’t worry about phosphorus here, you’ll get just 45 milligrams of phosphorus from 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds – which you’re not going to absorb completely anyway.
So consider turning this incredibly healthy seed into an healthy habit.

Number 2 take a probiotic
One of the most powerful detoxing habits in the world is letting your gut detoxing your body – no doubt about it.
And taking a probiotic supplement is definitely the fastest way to do so.
Fact, according to science, probiotics can speed up the way your gut gets rid of uremic toxins.
When your gut is healthy, it will be able to help consistently with getting rid of what your kidneys can’t remove.
Uremic toxins, in particular, are a great burden for your kidneys and your body, and detoxing them through the gut is a win-win situation.
And for sure taking a probiotic in the context of a healthy, detoxing morning ritual is a great step in the direction of healthy kidneys.
But finding the right probiotic supplement may be challenging, considering how many different brands and different types of probiotics exist.
But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune on probiotic supplements to get the job done.
Often, the cheapest brands work as well if not better than the most expensive ones.
So, how to choose the perfect probiotic for your kidney health?
Do the milk test! This is an easy test that will help you find the perfect probiotic!
I’ve explained everything you need to know about probiotics and your kidneys in this video up here!

Ok guys, before I show you our number 1 best habits to detox the kidneys – the powerful ACV and honey detoxifier – there’s one more thing I want to show you

A lot of kidney disease patients are using this program to improve their kidney function and lower their creatinine levels.
There are some very inspiring success stories here on 00kidney,
people are reversing their kidney disease thanks to what they’re learning from this program.
If you want to give a fast boost to your kidney health, you should consider downloading it.
I’m leaving a link down in description, check it out to know more!

Time for our number 1!

Number 1
The kidney detox tonic!
This is not just a powerful kidney detoxifier, this drink is also proven to lower your cholesterol levels, stabilize blood sugar levels and to alkalize your body!
An incredible help in repairing your kidneys!
Yes, when it comes to taking care of your kidneys the combined effect of these 4, cheap and easy to find ingredients, can make a big difference, especially if you drink one cup every day before breakfast.

It’s a very easy recipe, actually.
We just need
2 teaspoons of raw honey. But it should be real, raw honey.
Raw honey is a great source of antioxidants, so powerful they can even protect your kidneys from high blood pressure.
And, incredibly, Raw honey is even considered a low glycemic index food!
1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar
Now, for our tonic we also need 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, preferably organic and freshly squeezed. Great to make your body more alkaline.
Because although lemon juice tastes sour and acidic, studies found that it actually has alkaline effects on the kidneys, once it’s metabolized.
Which provides your kidneys with a detoxifying boost.
Another major benefit of lemon is that it helps detox the liver, the other organ in the body that’s responsible of getting rid of toxins.
Now let’s just add a pinch of cayenne pepper
And not just for the taste: cayenne pepper is great for your kidney health.
It is found to be a natural fat burner and has anti-inflammatory effects.
Both of those aspects are helpful in detoxing the kidneys.
Drinking this tonic in the morning will allow you to absorb the nutrients quickly and get your digestive system moving.
And while this drink will really help detoxing your kidneys by itself, it could be a great support for a full kidney detox.

Guys, a very interesting new video is coming next Tuesday – I really hope to see you there.
In the meantime, keep taking good care of your kidneys and be good to yourself.
Thank you for watching!

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