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Published on November 28th, 2021 | by Katherine


5 Most Powerful Foods To Cleanse Kidneys Naturally

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These 5 kidney detoxing superfoods have cleansing properties so powerful you will only need to add them to your diet to see immediate benefits!

Katherine from 00kidney here, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health.
The 5 foods I’m going to show you today are not just healthy, they have special properties to help your kidneys get rid of toxins, heavy metals and scores!
You are probably already aware that a buildup of toxins, acid or waste is harmful to your kidneys.
The bright side is that understanding and treating this issue can be very easy when you take steps to improve your diet!
And all the foods of today’s video have powerful cleansing properties.
They will help your body get rid of toxins, improve gut health and protect your kidneys.
Do you want to see what they are?

Let’s start immediately!

Number 5 – Onions!
These amazing vegetables are a rich source of fiber and prebiotics, which are necessary for optimal gut health.
Never underestimate gut health, it plays a crucial role in helping the kidneys detox your body.
And people with kidney problems should be eating onions every day for a lot of other reasons too.
This food is amazing when it comes to fighting inflammation.
Onions can also reduce LDL bad cholesterol levels and protect the kidneys by lowering blood pressure.
Onions are also rich in vitamin C, important to detoxify uric acid levels!
But, most important, onions can seriously improve your kidney health!
They’re one of the best sources of sulfur – which is what makes you cry when you cut them – but it’s also a powerful kidney detoxifier.
And sulfur also acts as a natural blood thinner, to protect your heart and kidneys.
So, add this amazing super food to your diet to see the amazing benefits it can give you!
Our number 4 is even healthier when it comes to detoxing the kidneys naturally.

Actually, some people believe that this one is more powerful than prescription medicines!

Number 4. Garlic
As you may already know, you absolutely need to lower your blood pressure NATURALLY if you want to stop the progression of CKD.
And I’m putting the emphasis on NATURALLY here. This is very important, because pills have side effects.
They lower your blood pressure, which you need to survive, but maybe they will mess up your serum potassium levels, forcing you to take more pills and to face severe dietary restrictions.
On the other hand, garlic may lower your blood pressure without any nasty side effect.
In this study, aged garlic extract at doses of 600 to 1,500 milligrams was just as effective as the drug Atenolol at reducing blood pressure over a 24-week period.
According to large review of studies, garlic also has a great detoxifying effect for your kidneys!
Garlic can benefit the heart, brain, and other organs, kidneys included!
In short: garlic may increase longevity!
Ok, I have 3 even healthier cleansing superfoods to show you!

Our number 3 in particular is especially rich in fiber, vitamins and healthy plant compounds proven to help your kidneys do their job!

Number 3. – Beetroot
Beetroot is a root vegetable that contains important nutrients, especially good for heart and kidneys health.
It can greatly help slow kidney disease progression and cleanse the kidneys naturally!
Beetroot juice may offer an extent of health benefits due to its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
Also called blood turnips, they’re low in sodium and fat and are good sources of folate and hence support mental and emotional health.
If you drink beetroot juice every day, I’ll show you 5 great and powerful benefits.

  1. Manages your blood pressure.
    One of the benefits of beetroot juice can help in temporarily lowering high blood pressure. Researchers have attributed this to the presence of nitrates in beets. The naturally occurring nitrates increase nitric oxide found in the blood vessels which allow more oxygen to flow to your brain, heart and muscles and thus, lowering high blood pressure.
  2. Boosts your energy.
    Beetroot juice helps in opening the blood vessels and thus increases the flow of oxygen throughout your body making you feel more energetic and active.
  3. Helps to fight anemia.
    Red beetroots have a significant amount of iron, which helps fight anemia and boosts the regeneration of red blood cells. Furthermore, vitamin C in beets aids in boosting iron absorption.
  4. It’s high in Fiber.
    Dietary fiber can provide a range of health benefits, such as helping to manage creatinine levels.
    Eating a diet rich in fiber-rich foods, such as beets, helps protect and slow chronic kidney disease. Beets contain both soluble and insoluble fiber.
    While soluble fiber helps lowers cholesterol, insoluble fiber helps in preventing constipation.
  5. Prevent Strokes.
    Yes! Beetroot helps lower the risk of stroke and other heart issues.
    Our number 2 now!

This is a natural diuretic, so it will gently help the kidneys getting rid of excess sodium, fluids and other toxins in the body!

Number 2. – Asparagus
This succulent, savory vegetable contains a stimulating blend of nutrients that help boost energy, cleanse the urinary tract and neutralize excess ammonia, which can cause fatigue.
And asparagus can also act as a natural diuretic, according to several studies, and this makes it great for a kidney detox.
Asparagus can support the natural cleansing of the kidneys and help rid the body of excess salt and fluid, making it especially good for people suffering from edema and high blood pressure.
What’s more, asparagus is also low in calories, but boasts an impressive nutrient profile.
it’s rich in antioxidants, especially in the flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol.
Asparagus is also low in potassium, just 16 mg per spear.
This means that it can be a regular of a healthy kidney diet.
If you want to add asparagus to your meal planning, consider that it’s very healthy both if cooked or if eaten raw.
Time for our number 1 now!

And incredibly powerful superfood you can use to create one of the healthiest morning habits in the world!

Number 1 – Lemons
Now you my ask: “What’s so special about lemons?”
Well, not only do they taste good with pretty much everything, lemons are also a great source of vitamin C, polyphenols and antioxidants.
And you can use lemons to make lemon water in the morning!
When it comes to protecting and detoxing your kidneys, drinking lemon water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, can make all the difference in the world.
It’s a great way of cleansing internal waste and removing toxins from the system.
And there’s a way to make your cleanse even more powerful!
This recipe is capable of truly doing a great miracle for your kidney health.
If you are willing to toss some garlic into your lemon water concoction, you may notice improved cardiovascular risk factors like blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels.
Do you want to try it? Watch the full recipe up here!
This is all for today! Thank you for watching!


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