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Published on April 20th, 2021 | by Katherine


5 Remedies to Stop CKD stage 5

When an 11-year-old girl with end stage kidney disease wasn’t able to bear dialysis anymore
Doctors decided to try an innovative treatment.
She was given 15 grams a day of Acacia Gum.
This substance was able to afford her 4 years of freedom from dialysis.

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Hello, Katherine from 00kidney here, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health.
In this video: the top 5 most powerful ways to lower CREATININE LEVELS and avoid dialysis in stage 4 and 5 of kidney disease.
Today we will see innovative treatments and we will also see what’s already proven to work.
Because if you have kidney problems, you should never give up.
I’ve been working with people with kidney problems for 8 years now and I’ve met countless PATIENTS who were told by their doctors that there was nothing they can do.
Some of them gave up. Others found ways to go from damaging their kidneys to repairing them.
In some cases, even in stage 4 and 5.
Today we will see what helped them.

Starting with Acacia Gum.

Also known as gum Arabic, guar gum and acacia fiber, this is the gum that is exuded from the acacia tree.
It’s soluble dietary fiber – an indigestible substance that acts like a brush in the intestine – removing scores and waste.
Acacia gum can be found it in many every day products, ranging from candies to cosmetics.
Used as a remedy, it may help with diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss and high blood pressure – according to studies.
The very interesting part about Acacia Gum is that it has been used to completely avoid dialysis in a 11-year-old girl with almost no kidney function.
According to the study, the girl was able to live 4 years free from dialysis and also… she continued experiencing improved well-being and good participation in outdoor activities, had never been acidotic or experienced significant uremic symptoms.
This this is the longest period of dialysis freedom reported in children with stage 5 kidney disease.

The girl was also treated with other therapies to support her kidney function, including a special diet called VLPD – more about this in the next part of the video.
Now, after this incredible achievement, Acacia Gum was obviously subjected to more research.
Very recently, a study was performed to investigate the nephroprotective efficiency of Acacia Gum.
Researchers wanted to see if acacia gum actually is a viable alternative to dialysis.
They concluded saying that oral administration of Acacia gum could effectively alleviate adverse effects of CKD stage 4 and 5.
And while this study was performed on mice, researchers think that these results could be repeatable on humans.
Now, these researchers are asking for more studies on acacia gum – I mean, who wouldn’t?
This is an incredibly cheap remedy that could save the lives of so many people suffering from kidney disease.
But we need way more research before doctors could start prescribing this remedy to their patients.

So, this is the time to spread the awareness.
Please share this video with anyone you know who suffers from kidney problems or whose relatives suffer from kidney problems.
We really need to focus on the awareness about this new kind of treatment.
If more people knew about the studies I’m showing you today, things could be very different for patients on dialysis.
And while further research is needed to find out whether acacia can help treat kidney disease, many people are already using acacia gum for its anti cholesterol and weight loss friendly benefits.
Widely available for purchase online, acacia Gum is typically sold in powder form.
One of the reasons why Acacia Gum was so effective in these studies it’s because it’s a source of soluble fiber.
And there is a natural remedy which is also a source of soluble fiber – so it has some of the benefits of acacia gum – but it’s widely used and 100% safe for people with kidney problems.
This is something I can actually recommend you to actually try

By the way guys, I don’t know what the fate of the 11-year-old girl of the study I have mentioned earlier was, after the 4 years treatment with Acacia gum.
I’ve added info about this study in description down below, if you want to know more.
And, if you have any updates about her, write in comment section.

Back to our top 5 – the Number 4 is

4 psillium husk
This is a soluble Fiber supplement – just like Acacia gum – but unlike acacia Gum, psyllium husk has been extensively tested.
The health benefits on people with CKD are extremely clear and we have dosages and guidelines to follow.
So, even if for most people, fiber doesn’t come to mind when thinking of improving their kidney health, this is a remedy worth trying.
It has many health benefits, even for people in stage 4 of CKD and FOR THOSE ON dialysis.

Two studies published in the Kidney International Journal showed that a high dietary fiber intake is associated with lower risk of inflammation in kidney disease.
Inflammation is associated with higher mortality rate, it’s a crucial aspect to manage.
Another very recent study, concluded that “Dietary fiber can improve gut health of CKD patients, reducing the bacterial generation of UREMIC TOXINS and potentially improving CKD progression and, even in dialysis patients, IMPROVE UREMIC SYMPTOMS.”
Now, when researchers talk about uremic symptoms, they mean all those things that make the life of someone with kidney disease harder.
Itching, constant tiredness, nausea, muscle cramps, inflammation and so on.
Researchers think that adequate fiber intake is going to help the gut getting rid of uremic toxins when the kidneys can’t.
By reducing the workload on the kidneys, in turn they can function better and, potentially, slow down the progression of CKD.
Now, as I was saying we have very clear guidelines on how much psyllium husk to take daily.

The recommended dosage ranges from 5 to 10g one to 2 times a day, usually to be taken before or with meals.
The recommendation here is to start increasing your fiber intake gradually, to avoid side effects.
More important, psyllium could delay the absorption of medications. It’s recommended to avoid taking it with other medicines.
So talk to your doctor and find a way to take it safely.
Now, there are some well-known brands that sell psyllium husk – Metamucil, Citrucel, Fiberall.
But there are even supplements of psyllium husk you can find on Amazon for a lower price.
Now, today’s video is not just about natural remedies.
There’s a therapy I want to talk about today because it may effectively slow down the progression of CKD in stage 4.
It’s our number 3.
And there’s something I want to show you before

A lot of kidney disease patients are using this program to improve their kidney function and lower their creatinine levels.
There are some very inspiring success stories here on 00kidney,
people are reversing their kidney disease thanks to what they’re learning from this program.
If you want to give a fast boost to your kidney health, you should consider downloading it.
I’m leaving a link down in description, check it out to know more!

Time for our number 3.
This treatment may delay dialysis by years – but unfortunately not many people know about it – especially in the US.

Number 3 is the VLPD treatment.
Except for dialysis, the VLPD treatment is the only approved treatment in the world to significantly slow down kidney disease in the advanced stages.
VLPD actually means very low protein diet.
It has some incredible benefits for people in stage 4 of kidney disease.

It can decrease proteinuria, decrease uremic toxins – the cause of most symptoms of kidney disease, but also decrease oxidative stress, metabolic acidosis, insulin resistance blood pressure and, most important,
It can slow down the decline of GFR.
This is what a Cochrane review of 17 studies and involving almost 3000 patients says about the VLPD treatment.
Now, we are talking about a lot of studies here on a lot of patients. These results are pretty solid and they tell us that this treatment can really make kidney disease patients delay dialysis by several years – MAYBE DECADES.

Now, when I talk about the VLPD what people ask me is always the same.
Why my doctor never told me about this?
Well, the reason is this

This is an example of what someone on a VLPD would eat in a day.
We have a cup of apple sauce, a tbsp of flax meal and a toast for breakfast.
A salad and some crackers for lunch and not much more.
This is just to give you an idea, but if we take a look at this slide, it’s clear that this is not an easy diet to follow.
You would need a nephrologist AND a dietitian to plan this diet for you in a very thorough way.
In fact, people following this protocol are at great risk for malnourishment and they also need a supplement specifically formulated for this diet, called ketoanalogue.
Now guys, the VLPD treatment is a big topic and it’s very hard to sum it up in just a few minutes.
This is why I’ve made a full video about it – which is up here if you haven’t watched it.
Ok guys, our number 2 comes without side effects.
It is a natural remedy so powerful it may even make skin itch less persistent in people with CKD stage 4 and 5.

2 omega 3 fatty acids.
Omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for most of the benefits associated with a diet rich in seafood.
In fact, few nutrients have been studied as thoroughly as omega-3 fatty acids.
Omega 3 can protect against heart disease and stroke.
It can improve sleep quality,
bone and joint health,
reduce fat in the liver and are even associated with a lower risk for cancer.
Can fight inflammation in the body and reduce mental decline in the elderlies.
Best part is that
Omega-3 fatty acid has been shown, during several clinical trials, to reduce high blood pressure, one of the leading causes of CKD.
There’s also evidence that it can reduce proteinuria, triglycerides and inflammation in people with kidney disease – even in the advanced stages.
And, very interesting, there’s a review of studies on people in the advanced stages of kidney disease who were suffering from uremic pruritus.
They were treated with a high dose of omega 3s.
According to the researchers, patients have shown a SIGNIFICANT improvement in pruritus symptoms.
So it’s clear that omega 3s can really help.
Now, omega 3s are so well researched as a remedy, we exactly know the right dosage for every use.

We even have a minimum daily recommend intake for omega 3 – which is 250 to 500 mg of combined EPA and DHA.
This means that omega 3 is an essential nutrient. If you don’t get at least this quantity, you may incur in health problems.
Omega-3 deficiency can cause rashes on the skin, fatigue, trouble sleeping and mental health problems.
So be sure to get at least this amount every day, either from foods or supplements.
However, higher amounts are often recommended for certain health conditions.
For example, 2000 to 4000 mg a day of omega 3 can be used to treat high triglycerides.
4000mg or more have been used in stage 4 and 5 kidney disease patients to decrease uremic pruritus.
But this is a very high dosage, so you would need a prescription and close monitoring from your doctor to take it.
Now, there’s an even more powerful remedy as our number 1.

Baking soda.
Many people keep a box of baking soda in their home for the many uses it has.
It’s absolutely a must when it comes to cleaning fruit and veggies, for example.
But baking soda may actually save your life if you have kidney disease.
The reason is

metabolic acidosis.
a complication of CKD that can be alleviated with baking soda.
Really important, because metabolic acidosis is known to seriously damage the kidneys.
So, if you have this condition, you need to find a way to stop it.
And baking soda can do just this: it helps the kidneys to keep acidity-alkalinity in balance.
Now, what I’m saying here is proven by science: there are studies confirming that administering baking soda can effectively slow down the progression of kidney disease.
Now, there’s just one problem with baking soda: you need to be tested both for sodium bicarbonate levels and for serum potassium to know if you can benefit from it and in what dosages.
The sodium bicarbonate test is especially important because it will let your doctor know how much baking soda you need exactly.
You cannot just take it and hope for the best, because it can, in some cases, compromise the delicate acid alkaline balance of the body.
So, if you are suffering from kidney disease stage 4 or 5 and you’re not taking baking soda, talk to your doctor.
Ok guys, this was our last one for today. Are you already using any of these remedies? Are they helping? Let’s talk about it in comment section!
And also, let me know in comment section if you need any info or clarification!
And a very interesting new video is coming next Friday – you really can’t miss this one – so remember to subscribe and set the notification bel to all if you already haven’t.
In the meantime, keep taking good care of your kidneys and be good to yourself.
This is all for today, thank you for watching!

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