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Published on April 12th, 2022 | by Michaelw


5 ways to lower uric acid and protect the kidneys

There are 5 ways to protect and detoxify your kidneys
from uric acid fast and naturally.

The incredibly healthy coffee I will show you today can detox
uric acid and it’s also the tastiest way to start the day!

While some think that the battle with uric acid is a lost
cause, there are actually 5 ways to get rid of this toxin that work fast –
according to science.

If you’ve ever heard of uric acid, it was probably in relation to two unpleasant CONDITIONS — gout and kidney stones.

Uric acid is considered the culprit of both of those

And if you haven’t heard of uric acid, consider yourself
lucky! But I have reason to believe you should get familiar with this dangerous

Studies have discovered a great danger linked to high
uric acid levels.

Every kidney disease patient should be aware of this:
uric acid is now proven to be a direct cause of kidney damage.

And all the foods, remedies and tips of this video are
going to be great not just to decrease uric acid levels but also to help with
other causes of kidney damage, including high blood pressure, diabetes,
cholesterol and oxidative stress.

More in this video!

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