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Published on January 29th, 2021 | by Katherine


Best stretches for kidney health (Very Easy)

In this video: ten minutes morning stretches for a pain free, happier and healthier day!
Because if you want your kidney health back, a healthy lifestyle is key!
And what’s healthier than starting the day with some nice stretching?

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Katherine from 00kidney here! Welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health!
Ok, let’s start with some warm up: stretching is going to be a lot easier and more effective once we have warmed up!
As usual, no jumps and no impact exercise are going to be involved.
Just follow me, it’s easy – and it will also help us feel a lot better, more energized during the whole day!
Today’s stretching is going to be perfectly suitable for anyone regardless of age and or current fitness level.
And it’s only going to take you 10 minutes!
This is a whole body stretching you should do every morning!
And when I say every morning, I mean it!
We need to do exercises that stretch our body and increase our flexibility every single day because stretching is one of the best ways to prevent the most common back pains, but also joint and muscle pains
And, if that’s not enough, stretching can also help with heart health!
studies have shown that, just like aerobic exercise, stretching is going to help the arteries… stretch!
And this is incredibly useful for the health of your kidneys too!
Just make sure you have a yoga mat or a soft surface to stretch on, even a rug would suffice

Ok, let’s do some circles with your arms now.
Circle your arms Forward.
This is great to loosen up the shoulders.
Now backwards.
Just 10 seconds.
I really take the time to warm up properly.
The objective is to make the blood flow a little bit better to all the areas of the body.
Just 10 seconds more.

Ok, the warm up is working, let’s start with the first stretch!
We are going to start from the head and work our way down to our toes!

let’s begin stretching our neck.
very gently, pull one ear towards your shoulder, like this.
you shouldn’t feel any pain here, just a gentle stretch.
we’re going to stretch both sides of the neck to start.
take deep breaths while you stretch.
20 seconds for each stretch.
you want to feel a gentle stretch.
about five more seconds.
then we’re going to switch sides.
very slowly very gently pull one ear towards your shoulder.
We’re going to stretch from the top to the bottom.
And this is really great because just by doing this you’re really really doing something positive for your body!

And you’re going to feel really good about it!
five four three two great job!
Let’s relax the neck now,
Move your head,
rotate your head a little bit,

very easy

next is a Shoulder stretch.
now let’s just pull across, very gently, our arm.
this is a shoulder stretching.
and a lot of people have tight shoulders.
which can even cause back pain.
this is a easy stretch that can do wonders to work that tension out.
just keep breathing.
20 seconds for each stretch.
Let’s shake it out a bit and
change arm
and gently pull across.
very gently

always keep breathing

you know, best time to do this is in the morning.
it will help relieve any tension or pain from sleeping.
and it helps increase your blood flow!
Great for your heart and kidneys!
ok done

The other benefit of this stretching is that it prepares your body for a great day!

ok next is the Elbows-Out Chest stretch!

now we’re going to stretch our chest.
A very easy one, just stand tall and with your hands behind your head,
bring your elbows as far out and back as possible to open up the chest.

3 2 1 ok
Relax your arms and your shoulders now.
Shake it out a bit

Ok next one, the Side stretch.
Stand tall with your feet together.
and reach both arms overhead with palms together.
Inhale and bend laterally to the right side.
just stretch to the side.
you want to feel the stretch in your lat muscles.
from armpit to your hip.

3 2 1 ok
Shake it down.
and then we’re gonna do the other side.
Again, clasp your hands together and then stretch to the side.
make sure you stretch … UP!
not just to the side but make sure you’re going UO as well!
that’s very important!

3 2 1 ok
ok done
let’s shake it out now

now we’re gonna do some hamstring stretch.
now let’s go nice and wide with the legs.
this is a very gentle stretch, don’t overdo it.
gently lean onto your left leg.
just push gently with your arms above the knee.
feel that hamstring releasing all the tension.
take a deep breath

3 2 1 Ok done
from here we’re going to go the other leg.
again, this is a very gentle stretch.
just lean gently onto your right leg.
and breathe

3 2 1 Ok done
Shake it up, Move your legs
Next one is similar, a nice stretch for the hamstring

Our legs are gonna be shoulder-width apart.
okay, and we’re just gonna go down slowly…
Go as far as you can go and then hold the stretch.
if you can get your ankle, that’s ok.
grab your ankles.
if you can grab your feet, even better.
remember that you shouldn’t feel any pain while you’re stretching.
and make sure you’re breathing when you’re doing these stretches, do not hold your breath.

ok, done, come up, shake it out.
we’re going to need our mat now.
for the cat cow stretch.

This is beautiful to do in the beginning of the morning because it opens up the spine.
Especially useful if you spend too much time in front of your pc.

Ok, done, don’t get up now, just relax the shoulders a bit.
Next is the sphinx pose.

This is another stretch that’s derived from a yoga pose.
It’s really great for decompression of the spine.
Begin by lying with your legs hip-width apart.
bring your arms up and lift your head and chest off the floor.
it’s really important that you lengthen and open.
what we want to do is to grip the mat!
it’s like you’re pulling the whole mat towards you, like this!
you’re going to feel a decompression in the spine now!
isn’t it wonderful?
ok, done!
sit now and relax your shoulder!

a butterfly stretch now!
we are going to stretch our inner thighs, groin, hips and muscles around our knees with a proper butterfly stretch.
Sit up straight and tall with your knees bent.
Drop your legs to the sides and bring the soles of your feet together.
Grasp your feet and ankles and slowly lean forward, keeping your spine straight.
Place your elbows on the tops of your thighs and gently press down until you feel a stretch.
Ok 3 2 1

now we’re gonna do a stretch for our back and legs.
a Seated Twist stretch.
this is great to fight back pain,
so if you have a sensitive back, like mine, be sure you stretch it.
Sitting on the mat, extend one leg out on the ground with knee straight.
Take your other leg and cross it over the leg.
Now twist your body towards the bent knee placing your elbow on the knee.
Hold for 20 seconds

3 2 1 ok
and now repeat for the other side.
extend one leg out.
and cross the other leg over it.
Now twist your body and feel the stretch.
Like this.
3 2 1 ok

Ok guys, it feels a lot better now, doesn’t it?
Oh, let me sit, where’s my ball?
Oh, here we go!
Isn’t the best feeling in the world – knowing that you did something really good for your health!
So congratulations!
And believe me when I say that exercising, coupled with a healthy diet, is the only thing that really works!
So it’s really great that you guys took the time to do this with me today!
Remember that it’s never too late to start caring for your own health!
Because exercise is always good for you; it’s just a matter of making it a priority and a habit in your daily life.
This is really great to help your kidneys improve!
and, let me know in comment section if you liked this video and if you want to see more like this one!
And keep following me right here on 00kidney, a new video is coming next Tuesday, don’t miss it!
In the meantime, keep taking good care of your kidneys and be good to yourself!
This is all for today, thank you for watching!

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