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Published on November 5th, 2018 | by Michaelw


How to Increase GFR for Renal Patients

Question: has your blood test shown a kidney damage? If your doctor and your lab tests are giving you more questions than answers, in this video you’ll find loads of useful information about how to increase your GFR.


If you want to increase your GFR and protect yourself from kidney problems, without having to rely on invasive medical procedures, this three step program is for you.

This is an all-natural and easy to follow guide, full of foods good for kidneys and for your #health, and proven to help with eGFR problems.
This is mainly based on natural remedies but there’s more! You will be able to see results in just a few weeks!


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Hi, my name is Michael and in this blog I'm gonna share the story of how I got off kidney dialysis for good. Getting off dialysis isn't easy at all, and that's why I'm trying to help people as much as I can.

2 Responses to How to Increase GFR for Renal Patients

  1. Pauline R Liske says:

    My gift is 13, what’s the best way to increase these numbers.?

  2. Laxman says:

    Am end stage ckd patient.pls prescribe diet to me

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