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Published on June 1st, 2021 | by Katherine


I have reversed CKD!

CKD Can Be Cured! There are 4 good habits you can use to reverse kidney disease.
In today’s video, I’ll show you exactly what they are.

For George ND, a Holistic Doctor, the Chronic Kidney Disease stage 4 diagnosis came like a bolt from the blue.
Taking advantage of his knowledge of holistic medicine, and with 4 good habits, he was able to go from CKD stage 4 to stage 3a.
He reversed kidney disease!
More in this video!

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CKD can be cured!
There are 4 good habits that George ND, a Holistic Doctor used to reverse kidney disease.
The Chronic kidney disease stage 4 diagnosis came like a bolt from the blue for George.
Like many other before him, he was shocked and afraid.
What’s so special about his story is that he is a naturopath.
Taking advantage of his knowledge of holistic medicine, and with 4 good habits, he was able to go from CKD stage 4 to stage 3a. he reversed kidney disease.
In today’s video, I’ll show you exactly what he did.

Katherine from 00kidney here, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health
One of the best things for me of having this channel, 00kidney, is receiving messages and comments from you guys telling me about your success stories with CKD.
It’s always amazing news for me. I really treasure all your success stories.
CKD is a chronic disease, which is not supposed to be curable.
Still, some people can.
Today’s video is really special because it’s all about one of your success stories.
George ND firstly contacted 3 weeks ago to tell me about his great improvement with CKD.

Katherine your videos helped me a lot!
I’m a living example of lifestyle changes and good habits leading to reversed CKD!
After a biking accident, I’ve started taking ibuprofen pills.
It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Doctors call it the triple whammy and it’s what almost killed my kidneys.
Blood/urine tests immediately following revealed that my eGFR was down to 27 (PANIC) .
My new nephrologist told me this was nothing to worry about and virtually in the same breath started talking about the possibility of dialysis.
Sorry not good enough for me, so, I started some research of my own.

I’m a Holistic Doctor after all.
So I’ve started doing it my own way.
I’ve also started avoiding the triple whammy and taking R-Lipoic Acid.
I’ve also done …
Ok guys, more about this later in the video.
However, he concluded saying that
My kidney problem is now starting to go into remission and my nephrologist had to admit that my good habits worked!
I have done it. It is a curable disease after all.
Reading his message I felt that his story was amazing, and I definitely wanted to know more!
I’ve exchanged several emails with George in the last weeks and he told me everything about what really made a difference for him in the treatment of CKD.
Not surprisingly, many of the good habits he started are supported by science.
Today we are going to see what worked for him and how you can use it for yourself!

1) Take alpha-Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the natural remedies that is offering some of the biggest breakthroughs in the treatment of kidney disease.
Alpha-lipoic-acid is a powerful antioxidant and – in my opinion – it’s one of the best kidney-healing nutrients available.
According to research, taking alpha-lipoic-acid helps increase cellular kidney energy for healing, assists detoxification from heavy metals, can be used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and much more.
It is a very easy to find and cheap supplement, by the way.
Alpha Lipoic acid also helps kind of recycle “used” vitamins and minerals. This way, they can be utilized once more in the body.
It’s a unique property that’s still being studied today for its effects and benefits.
And most importantly, alpha-Lipoic Acid can reverse diabetic kidney disease – according to science.
No wonder George got great results with it!
In particular, if you have diabetic kidney disease, alpha-Lipoic Acid protects the kidneys against diabetic glomerular damage and it can also improve insulin sensitivity.
Yeah, I know, it’s amazing and it also helps when the cause of kidney disease is not diabetes.
I’ve asked George how fast the results were with ALA and what dosage is he taking.
He told me it helped the most with the itching caused by kidney disease – in just three weeks the symptoms were much less noticeable.
He is taking 1800mg a day of alpha-Lipoic Acid – and this is a dosage he reached by trial and error.
There is no established daily value for this nutrient, many people wanting to try it start with 600 mg a day.
Now, if you want to try taking alpha-Lipoic Acid as a supplement, check with a doctor before using it.
Also test your glucose levels regularly if you have diabetes – because alpha-lipoic acid can lower blood sugar levels pretty efficiently. And also, avoid the “triple whammy”
Now guys, what about the ‘triple whammy’ I’ve mentioned earlier.
This is not a made-up word, unfortunately.
It’s an increasingly common medical error that could cost your kidneys.

How to avoid the ‘triple whammy’
In the medical world, this term refers to the concomitant use of 3 very commonly prescribed medications.
These three types of medicines are involved in more than half of all reported medically induced acute renal failure cases.
They are kidney killer pills, basically.
We are talking about
1 angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and ARBs … here.
These are very common blood pressure lowering medications that almost everyone with kidney problems has to take.
Now, (ACE) inhibitors and ARBs are safe enough by themselves, even if they have some nasty side effects.
Most of all, they cause hyperkalemia – high potassium levels.
Now, if you also have to take a diuretic, the effects on potassium levels may get even worse.
So be very careful and talk to your doctor if you are taking both and ACE inhibitors, an ARBs and a diuretic.
George for example was able to stop taking his blood pressure medications thank to a home remedy – I’ll show which one in a moment – and to save his kidneys from the risks of hyperkalemia.
Now guys, this third group of medications here is what really causes the triple whammy.
NSAIDs such as Motrin, Aleve, Tylenol even Aspirin should always be avoided – they will make kidney disease progress faster – especially if take regularly.
However guys, this is crucial.
Never take all these 3 together. Blood pressure lowering medication, plus diuretic plus NSAIDs. This could kill your kidneys very fast.
That’s the triple whammy.
If you are taking these 3 together, don’t panic but talk to your doctor immediately and find a way to suspend at least the NSAID.
Now Geroge was able to suspend both the nsaid and the ace inhibitor he was taking… thank to a home remedy!
Let’s see it!

GOOD HABIT NUMBER 3 take garlic every day (but without garlic breath!)
Garlic has some amazing properties for people with kidney problems.
When prepared the right way, like I’ve shown in my video about garlic,

  • It can lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity
  • it can lower blood pressure by up to 9 over 5 millimeters of mercury – more than anti hypertension drugs.
  • it can even fight high cholesterol, in determinate conditions.
    And this is proven by science.
    Yes, taking garlic every day is one of the most powerful good habits when it comes to reversing kidney disease.
    Garlic could effectively help you get rid of a blood pressure lowering medication.
    Now, there’s a big problem with garlic, a side effect: it will make your breath smell.
    During my back and forth with George, he told me that he found a way to prevent this!
    Here’s how he is doing it.
    Prepare raw garlic by chopping it or mincing it like you would usually do.
    Then, mix raw garlic with any form of fat, such as olive oil before eating it.
    Olive oil can help the body assimilate the allicin in garlic better, thus reducing the odor.
    To further neutralize the odor of garlic, use parsley. It can eliminate the odor of garlic down to stomach level.
    And also, Eat an apple. A study has found that eating raw apple may help reduce garlic breath.
    Now, here’s the most powerful good habit you can start today
  1. and most important thing Become an Expert on You!
    As we have seen, the right good habits can help you lowering your blood pressure and blood glucose levels pretty fast.
    But keeping these levels down with the good habits of today’s video is just half the equation.
    You would need your doctor to follow you in this process and give you the appropriate treatment based on your new, improved levels.
    And I get it, not everyone is a naturopath, but everyone can start a health journal to keep track of their progresses.
    Yes, this is what George did to understand what really worked for him – but don’t worry – it’s easier than it seems.
    A health journal is like a diary which lets you keep track of your health.
    If paired with the other good habits of today’s video, it may even help you reverse kidney disease!
    Especially if you use it to gradually introduce blood pressure and blood glucose lowering good habits.
    So, my advice here is to download and print the excel spreadsheet I personally use and to use it at your own advantage.
    Because, for example, the effects of garlic are impressive when it comes to lowering your blood pressure.
    If you can leverage them to lower your need for medications, the results will be really incredible.
    To do this you should take your blood pressure and blood sugar levels every single day and write down if the levels are decreasing when introducing these good habits.
    And, yes, that’s how you can reverse kidney disease.
    Now guys, I’ve also talked about some apps that can do the same, in this video up here, if you want to know more.

Ok guys, as usual, a new video is coming next Friday – I hope to see you there.
In the meantime, keep taking good care of your kidneys and be good to yourself.
This is all for today, thank you for watching!

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  1. J Singh says:

    I am taking Amlodipine / Bendroflumethiazide and Ramipril . 9 month ago I had stroke now my kidney gone down to 30 from 36. could please advice me if I stop taking medicine.
    Start taking R-LIPOIC and garlic with Lemon water . I have told protein loss with uruion .
    I nephrologist told we will see you 4 months time and that it.
    can you please help and advice

  2. M Singh says:

    I am taking Amlodipine / Bendroflumethiazide and Ramipril . 9 month ago I had stroke now my kidney gone down to 30 from 36. could please advice me if I stop taking medicine.
    Start taking R-LIPOIC and garlic with Lemon water . I have told protein loss with uruion .
    I nephrologist told we will see you 4 months time and that it.
    can you please help and advice

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