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Published on November 12th, 2018 | by Michaelw


Medical Marijuana and CBD for the Kidneys

How to treat kidney disease with medical marijuana and CBD?

Medical marijuana and CBD are the most debated treatments for kidney patients these days, and not just as pain relievers.
Recent studies proved CBD capable of reducing damage to the kidneys and even of improving kidney function.
In this video, I’ll answer the three most important questions about cannabinoids for kidney patients:
Do they really work?
Can you get the benefits without getting high?
And if cannabinoids are so useful, why aren’t doctors prescribing them to all patients?

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Marijuana was criminalized in 1937 but, today, a lot of things are changing.
A lot of states have legalized it and, in the last few years, the scientific community made a 180 degree turn on marijuana.
A lot of doctors and exponents of the scientific community are coming out to tell the world that they now believe in cannabis.
Researchers now think that it can have powerful healing properties and that it can cure several ailments.
And they are not just saying it; a lot of new studies are coming out to prove this point.
I’ve made this video because I personally know a lot of CKD sufferers that aren’t given by their doctors any explanation or any help whatsoever in managing their condition. So it is basically impossible that their doctors talk them about anything innovative, anything that could help them, besides the basic treatments.
I have a personal interest in anything that can make the life of kidney patients better so I decided to dig into all the studies and researches about CBD and medical marijuana to give kidney disease sufferers the answers they need.
And I know that a lot of patients would never ever take any psychoactive substances, I can get 100% behind this mindset. This is why CBD is interesting.
Not all the compounds present in marijuana are psychoactive: CBD, short for Cannabidiol is thought to have most of the medical benefits of cannabis without making people feel “high” or “stoned”.
So: CBD is not a recreational drug and it doesn’t have any mind altering properties.
In this video, I’ll try to explain in which cases it can be helpful and how to get it legally, since it is not as easy as it may seem.
So, before, you run to your doctor for a recipe for CBD or medical marijuana, let’s see what are the effects and how it can be helpful.
– Recent studies proved that CBD, cannabidiol, can lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the main causes of CKD. This alone could be a good enough reason to consider it for kidney patients
– CBD works as an analgesic and can be used to treat chronic pain. It has significant fewer side effects than the NSAIDs drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen Advil etc. that are usually prescribed.
– Cannabidiol has demonstrated its effectiveness in treating anxiety, depression and panic disorder.
So, let’s recap: CBD can help with pain and high blood pressure, prevent kidney damage and relieve other distressing symptoms.
I want to focus on the analgesic part.
NSAIDs, like ibuprofen or aspirin, have been proven to cause kidney damages and kidney disease when used to manage chronic pain. In short, they are nephrotoxic.
While CBD is not. There’s also no risk of CBD overdose, and the side effects are very few.
There are studies supporting this, hard science, we’re not talking about a hypothetical new treatment here.
So, the benefits, especially for CKD patients, seem to largely outweigh the cons.
CBD doesn’t have any of the contraindications of marijuana and THC.
Marijuana can cause permanent memory loss and cognitive impairment, concentration and motor coordination issues, lowered IQ and even hallucinations. Not to mention that marijuana presents a risk of abuse and addiction, while CBD does not.
We also need to consider that in some states you can still get thrown out of a transplant list for smoking marijuana.
Also, some medications have shown adverse effects with medical marijuana – but that’s true for CBD too.
Still, while I would never recommend a patient to start smoking medical marijuana, CBD is a totally different thing.
Now, there are a couple of other things worth knowing about CBD. It is usually sold in oil form.
Today, CBD is legal, with a doctor recommendation, in all the 33 states where medical marijuana is legal. Other 17 states have laws specific for CBD.
So you are not going to find CBD on Amazon or other nationwide online shops. What they sell is usually hemp oil, that doesn’t have any CBD.
So, always refer to the legislation of your state and talk to your doctor to find the right way for you to benefit from CBD.
Remember that CBD is still not a common treatment for kidney disease and your doctor may not be informed about it. This is mainly because a lot of researches are still being done and there’s still a lot to prove before doctors will start suggesting it.
My advice is: if you want to take CBD for your kidneys, go find a health care provider who really understands CBD and can prescribe it while guiding and monitoring you.
This is the only 100% safe way to use CBD today.

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