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Published on September 24th, 2021 | by Michaelw


This Is the Holy Grail of Kidney Health.

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Where to find the remedies:

Reishi mushroom

Omega 3:
Omega 3s can really DO WONDERS if you want to LOWER YOUR CREATININE LEVELS.
No matter what stage you’re in.
And that’s a fact.
Actually, this is one of the few home remedies that can even help kidney patients in stage 5.

Vitamin D3 (cheap)


This mushroom is the holy grail for repairing the kidneys.
Taking 1100 mg/day of extract has been shown to be incredibly effective against proteinuria, the most important marker of kidney disease.

Katherine from 00kidney here, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health.
Proteinuria is the most important predictor of kidney disease progression, according to research.
This is why scientists now consider the remedy we are going to see today – which is extremely effective against proteinuria – the holy grail for kidney disease
Actually, when it was studied on people suffering from kidney disease, the results were quite astonishing.
All the participants of this study had significant improvement in kidney function – after the treatment they had no more proteinuria.

But why researchers are so determined to find a way to treat proteinuria in kidney disease?
Proteinuria is probably the most important marker of kidney disease progression.
Also called albuminuria, and linked to foam in the urine, proteinuria is the very first visible symptom of CKD.
And, for those in the advanced stages of chronic kidney disease, proteinuria is also a marker of increased mortality.
According to research, the more the protein in urine, the more the risk of dying, especially from cardiovascular disease.
Now guys, the good news is that the remedy I’m gonna show you today is incredibly effective against proteinuria in all the stages.

Reishi mushroom.
Oh, this fungus really has something miraculous about it.
It’s widely used in many Asian countries, for treatment of many diseases, including high blood pressure and diabetes.
It is even approved in Japan as an adjunctive treatment for cancer.
And, most important, this fungus has a powerful effect in repairing the kidneys.
According to Recent research, Reishi has a protecting effect on the outer membrane of the nephron, the filtering unit of the kidney.
This is what the study I was mentioning earlier – found out.
And while these results were observed on a small number of participants, all the participants of the study had a significant improvement in kidney function.
Which is amazing.
In vitro studies also confirmed some of these findings.
Researchers think that Reishi makes the kidney membrane less permeable, which in turn helps stop the erosion of the nephron.
When you start protecting the nephrons, the kidney can seriously improve.
And this is frankly amazing, because as we have seen reducing proteinuria also means reducing the chance of DYING from kidney disease.
Reishi mushrooms are sold as an extract and can be easily found on amazon .com or in herbal shops.
I’ll show you the exact dosage you need in a moment.
And I know that many of you guys are concerned about safety with herbal remedies, and this one is pretty safe.
Reishi is a remedy that was tested extensively, especially because in Japan Reishi mushroom is an approved adjunctive treatment for cancer.
Yes, consuming this holy grail of mushrooms is actually proven to help treat various forms of cancer.
Researchers believe consuming reishi increases the activity of a type of white blood cell called natural killer cells. These white blood cells target both cancer and infections.
And for the same reason, Reishi is also able to boost the immune system, treating infections, especially those of the urinary tract.
Other than treating cancer and kidney problems, Reishi is also known to help with cholesterol and to help preventing heart disease.
This is why this remedy is extremely easy to find all around the world and also cheap.
Reishi can be used for as long as one year, without significant side effects, according to studies.
Ok guys, let’s see what the correct dosage for this holy grail of kidney health is.
The standard dose of this remedy depends on the form of the supplement.
You can find the mushroom itself, the powder and the extract.
The extract is the most potent form, and the most studied.
The study on proteinuria used between 750 to 1100 mg/day of extract.
To have the same result with powder, you should use 4 times as much, and 40 times as much with the mushroom itself.
It’s much easier to buy the extract, by the way.
In other studies, doses of up to 2000mg were tested and found to be safe for up to a month.
And, when buying supplements, be sure to find a brand that has obtained his certifications from external agencies.
Link to trusted sellers is in description.
As usual, consult your doctor before taking this remedy if you have chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes or if you are taking medications.
The only known interaction of Reishi is with blood thinners, it can make them more effective.

So we have seen how powerful this remedy is when it comes to protecting the membrane of the nephron, the filtering unit of the kidney, from the damage associated with proteinuria.
And it’s not a secret that one of the main goals of today research on kidney disease is to stop the erosion of the nephron associated with proteinuria.
This is why for example ARBs, angiotensin receptor blockers, are the preferred medicine to treat hypertension in kidney disease.
This medicine doesn’t just lower blood pressure, it also protects the nephrons from damage.

And there are a couple other remedies that are proven to work in all the stages of kidney disease to protect the kidneys from this kind of erosive damage.
Shall we see them?
A very effective remedy against proteinuria is

Omega-3 fatty acid
Taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplements has been shown, during clinical trials, to be of help in reducing proteinuria in patients with kidney problems.
And there’s evidence that it can help with high blood pressure, one of the leading causes of CKD, and also cholesterol levels, triglycerides, inflammation and more.
During long term, double blind, clinical trials this supplement has also shown to reduce the progression of CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE EVEN IN THE ADVANCED STAGES.
These and more are the reason why Omega 3 fatty acid should be supplemented by basically everyone.
This is one of the few supplements I actually take every day.
It’s great for your body and mind: omega 3 can fight high cholesterol, depression and anxiety, but also heart disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Age-Related Mental Decline, joint pain, sleep problems… it can even help prevent cancer.
And remember that omega 3 is an essential nutrient.
The human body can make most of the types of fats it needs from other fats or raw materials.
That isn’t the case for omega-3 fatty acids.
These are essential fats-the body can’t make them from scratch but must get them from food.
Omega 3 deficiency can cause symptoms as severe as arthritis, depression and even heart problems.
So, if you don’t eat enough sardines, salmon, chia seeds and flax seeds every day, a supplement may be really beneficial.
When choosing a supplement, look at the EPA and DHA content.
EPA and DHA are the fatty acids present in Omega 3, the active components of fish oil.
Look for a brand that contains at least 600mg of combined EPA and DHA for two pills serving.
Usual dose range between 500 and 2000mg per day, depending on desired results.
This is a supplement everyone should take and it’s 100% safe, still consult your doctor before starting to take it.
Ok guys, I’ve kept the best for last.
Researchers have recently discovered a vitamin that can significantly reduce the severity of proteinuria among patients with CKD.
It is…

Vitamin D
Ok guys, if you are not taking vitamin d already, or a renal multivitamin, take a look at this.
According to research,
supplementary low-dose active vitamin D could significantly reduce the severity of proteinuria among patients with CKD.

This study also corroborates a recently proven association between low serum vitamin D levels and a faster decline in kidney function.

Researchers concluded that kidney disease patients with the lowest vitamin D levels have a 40% higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.
On the other hand, kidney disease patients with the higher levels of vitamin D are considerably less at risk of dying.
And you cannot get vitamin d in high enough concentration from basically any food.
This is why up to 80% of people with kidney disease have low levels of this vitamin.
Which is unfortunate, looking at the risk connected.
What to do, then?
Supplement vitamin D3, the active form of this vitamin.
You can easily find it online or in brick-and-mortar vitamin stores.
Commonly recommended dosages in stage 2 to 4 are between 600IU and 1000IU – depending on serum levels.
Do not take higher dosage than 1000IU without a prescription, it could be dangerous.
And if you want to know more about what vitamins are a must, if you have kidney problems, there’s a very interesting video you can watch, if you have missed it.
And by the way guys, thank you very much for 200.000 subscribers!
We are starting to get big here and I’m very proud.
I want to say thank you especially to those of you who always watch my videos until the end and always comment.
Thank you very much! See you next time!

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