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Vitamin D

Vitamin D Designed For Ideal Kidney Support: https://healthykidneystore.com/product/vitamin-d-for-normal-kidney-function/?ref=2

84% of people with poor kidney health have low Vitamin D levels.
This causes proteinuria (fast kidney damage) and can also damage your bones, teeth, cause depression and even increased risk for… death.

This is why, if kidney health is your priority, you need Vitamin D.
It’s the greatest 1st step to supporting healthy kidneys!

Vitamin D Designed For Ideal Kidney Support: https://healthykidneystore.com/product/vitamin-d-for-normal-kidney-function/?ref=2

Now you can use a 100% natural kidney supplement with higher quality nutrients to support normal kidney function! While balancing all other organs negatively affected by weakened kidneys … in one pill per day.

And, if you’re like most of the kidney folks who we’ve helped, you need Vitamin D3 and you may have been told by your doctor you need it.

Now, Vitamin D3 is not a miracle, but we factually know that people with kidney issues greatly benefit from proper and adequate Vitamin D3 intake. And, make no mistake, Vitamin D3 doesn’t just benefit the kidneys, it benefits every cell within your body!

Also very helpful:

Acacia Fiber: https://healthykidneystore.com/biofiber-kidney-cleanse/?ref=2

Acacia fiber was used in 9 CKD stage 5 patients who wanted to avoid dialysis – with and incredible result.

All of them were able to avoid dialysis – for years – thanks to this natural remedy.

Note that we are talking about patients that needed dialysis here. This remedy alone could potentially save you from dialysis.
And also consider that acacia fiber can protect the kidneys and help lower creatinine levels in all the stages of CKD.

Source: https://opastonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/dietary-dialysis-with-acacia-gum-intestinal-dialysis-technology-ajun-19.pdf

A different study tested Acacia Fiber on Stage 3 and 4 patients.
It completely stopped the decline of their renal function for the whole duration of the study, a year.

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S175646462100164X

Acacia Fiber: https://healthykidneystore.com/biofiber-kidney-cleanse/?ref=2

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