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Published on April 24th, 2016 | by Michaelw


Ten foods that are damaging your kidneys – part 3

Read part 2 here So here we go, these are the absolutely worst food for your kidneys. Keep these in mind and remove them from your diet if you’re still eating any.

  • 3. Salt:eat less salt It is true that the human body should have healthy sodium levels for maintaining healthy levels of fluids. However, when you add salt to your diet in the form of processed foods or salt shaker, they can encourage water retention in your body. This means that excess sodium will not be flushed out of the body and this will put not just the kidneys, but also your blood pressure under peril. When you consume foods with high salt content, your kidneys will begin to respond by retaining water with a view to dilute the electrolyte in the bloodstream for maintenance of appropriate heart functioning. This in turn will place a load on the kidneys. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, long-term consumption of too much salt can affect not just the kidneys, but also the heart and aorta as well. Increased blood pressure due to salt intake can damage the nephrons of kidneys, which are responsible for filtering wastes. Rather than normal sodium salt, you can use sea salt or high quality Celtic as you already have kidney disease to prevent further damage to these organs.
  • 2. Artificial sweeteners: When they opt for artificial sweeteners, many people are of the opinion that they are doing something healthy for their body as they believe that they do not have any calories. The same effect can be brought by diet sodas that contain artificial sweeteners. As against artificial sweeteners, you can opt for natural ones like honey, stevia or agave, if you want sweetness in your foods.
  • 1. Carbonated beverages:soda-is-dangerous I’ve been warning readers of my blogs several times to keep away from carbonated beverages like soda. Even though, they are advertised as energy drinks, they are associated with kidney stone formation and several kidney problems. Reports state that drinking two or more such beverages per day can increase the risk of kidney stones. But that’s not all. The carmel color is chemically made, and it’s associated with carcinogens. The food dies have been seen in correlation with impaired brain function, lack of impulse control and difficulty of focusing. The artificial sweeteners present in carbonated beverages makes you crave for more and the carbon dioxide itself will inflate your stomach, making you more hungry. But most of all, the phosphoric acid has been linked by several studies to renal problems and kidney stones. Regardless of whether they have artificial sweeteners or not, absolutely avoid carbonated beverages. You can take plain water with organically grown lemon extract, instead.

Take action to ensure proper functioning of kidneys

As you are already a kidney patient, besides keeping away from the foods mentioned above, never forget to make regular appointments with your doctor to make sure that there is no further damage to your kidneys.
Making some healthy lifestyle changes can help you in leading a longer life without any trouble whatsoever.
But if you’re a kidney patient like me the healthy lifestyle is just a part in a bigger plan to get out of kidney disease. Also, check with your doctor whether a kidney cleansing can be good for you and never take any action towards your kidneys, even if they are stated to be good, unless and until you consult with your doctor.
As your doctor will be well-aware of your health, he/she should be in a position to provide the right guidance.
Not just for individuals diagnosed with kidney diseases, but these foods can be the best to avoid in the case of individuals with increased risk of kidney diseases like those with high blood pressure, diabetes, peripheral artery disease, liver diseases and also aged individuals.





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Hi, my name is Michael and in this blog I'm gonna share the story of how I got off kidney dialysis for good. Getting off dialysis isn't easy at all, and that's why I'm trying to help people as much as I can.

4 Responses to Ten foods that are damaging your kidneys – part 3

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi Michael. Congrats on conquering kidney disease!..In my opinion, having wisdom is one the best gifts in life.
    I want to ask you if you know if this program would/could work for animals with kidney failure? If you could please let me know as I would be so grateful for any help.

    Thanks for all your doing to help others


  2. katrina says:

    My sister is 30 years old both kidneys have failed and she has a 5 year old son. She is type 1 diabetic insulin dependent. Shes scared for her future and needs a double transplant would this plan work for her?

  3. Luis Raul Alvarez Barrios says:



    i just found out i have chronic kidney desease,Dr. found it in my blood,SCAREY!

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