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Published on April 13th, 2016 | by Michaelw


Ten foods that are damaging your kidneys – part 2


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Now, it is time to gather some details about how some foods can bring ill-effects on the healthy functioning of the kidneys.
Being a kidney patient, you should absolutely avoid these foods:

  • 9. Dairy products:
    As mentioned earlier, dairy products are similar to other animal proteins. When you consume dairy products, there will be a natural increase in the calcium output in the urine. This will increase the chances of kidney stones. When you do not consume dairy products, your kidneys will not have any difficulty in carrying out the filtering process. This in turn will also delay the need for dialysis. Rather than dairy products like milk, you can try sweetened almond milk as a healthy alternative.
  • 8. Rhubarb:
    If you are an individual with hereditary of kidney stones, the best thing you can do is to keep away from foods that have oxalates, which are actually converted into kidney stones. As rhubarb is rich in oxalate, it is better to keep away from it.
  • 7. Sardines:
    If you are an individual prone to kidney stones, you are suggested to keep away from foods that are rich in purines. You might be aware of the fact that purines are organic compounds used for improving aroma in foods. Sardine fish is extremely rich in purine content, so keep away.
  • 6. Some leafy greens:
    As we have already seen, kidney stones form mainly because of building up of calcium oxalate. As you already have kidney problems, if you take foods that can increase the output of calcium in your urine, you will be at increased risk of kidney stones. So, it is recommended that you should stay clear of some leafy greens like Swiss chard, okra and spinach. Even though, greens are stated to be healthy for normal individuals, they are not healthy for kidney patients like you. So, avoid adding them to your diet.
  • 5. Caffeine:
    As many of us believe, caffeine is present not just in tea and coffee, but it is also present in soda and many other foods. Caffeine is something that can place a strain on your kidneys. The reason for this is that caffeine is a stimulant and it is something that can stimulate the flow of blood, thereby increasing pressure on the kidneys. As caffeine consumption can contribute towards calcium excretion in urine, it will lead to kidney stone formation. So, keep away from caffeine as your kidneys are already taxed, do not make them work extra.
  • 4. Genetically modified foods:
    A large amount of processed foods has genetically modified ingredients inclusive of canola, sugar beets, sugar cane, rice, soy and corn. Nowadays, many seeds are genetically processed with a view to make them resistant to pests, to improve yield and to make the plant immune to herbicides. These genetically modified foods can increase the level of toxicity not just in kidneys, but also in the liver. Hence, being a kidney patient, you are recommended to choose organically grown produce.
    Even though, the long-term effects of genetically modified foods to the human body are not fully studied so far, they can cause ill-effects on your body as you are a kidney patient. So, opt for organic foods and not GMOs.


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