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Published on August 25th, 2020 | by Michaelw


3 Remedies Proven To Repair Kidney Damage

If you have kidney disease, you should know that there are just 3 home remedies that you actually need.
If you take these 3, fully natural remedies, every day you will be able to see incredible results in terms of repairing kidney damage.

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Sources of the studies quoted in the video:


Omega 3
Blood pressure




Cholesterol levels

uremic pruritus

My name is Katherine, and I’ve been working with kidney disease patients for 7 years, now.
I’ve seen patients stopping the progression of kidney disease with an improved diet and lifestyle and many of them used these 3 home remedies.
And, by the way if you are new here on 00kidney, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health!
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The home remedies I’ll show you in this short video, are so powerful you will be able to reduce your need for anti-hypertension and diabetes medications,
With the result of slowing down the progression of chronic kidney disease.
I’m telling you this because the 3 home remedies of this video have been proven by double blind clinical tests to be able to improve your GFR.
So, let’s see immediately what they are.

The first home remedy you should use every day is

Apple cider vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries to detox the kidneys, boost the immune system and improve whole body health.
A true holistic marvel!
It can help with diabetes, some types of cancer, high cholesterol, weight loss and urinary tracts problems.
This is why it is extremely popular in the natural health community.
Now, there are several reasons why I’m recommending apple cider vinegar, ACV in short, to every single kidney disease patient.
First of all, it can Lower Blood Sugar Levels and Fight Diabetes, the leading cause of chronic kidney disease.
ACV has a powerful effect in keeping blood sugar levels in the normal range and on improving insulin levels.
And there’s another really important benefit of ACV for people suffering from chronic kidney disease.
ACV is supposed to Lower Cholesterol levels and to Improve Heart Health.
Heart disease is not just a risk factor for CKD, it is currently the world’s most common cause of premature death.
And these benefits are proven by science, so I think ACV rightfully deserves to be part of your diet DAILY.

How should you use ACV?
ACV can lower blood sugar levels if used during meals.
So start by incorporating it in your diet as a salad dressing, for example.
I always recommend to use organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
Some people also like to dilute it in water and drink it as a beverage.
Common dosages range from 1 to 3 teaspoons per day, mixed in a large glass of water.

It’s best to start with small doses and avoid taking large amounts.

Now, the reason why I recommend everyone using ACV as a home remedy to fight kidney disease is that it’s as effective as safe.
The only side effect it can have is the risk of interaction with blood-sugar-lowering medications.
Something you can expect from a remedy aimed at lowering your blood sugar levels, right?
So, don’t’ take too much of it, and, don’t forget to check with your doctor before increasing your intake of ACV or any other home remedy.

Our second home remedy is even more powerful than ACV, it can help you fighting the inflammation caused by kidney disease.
Let’s see it.

Omega 3
Omega 3s can really DO WONDERS if you want to repair your kidneys.
Chronic kidney disease has a very important inflammatory component. In short, inflammation actively damages your kidneys.
Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the production of molecules and substances linked to inflammation, according to several studies.
This slows down the progression of the disease and can ACTUALLY help you repair kidney damage.
But it’s not all.
Omega-3s Can Improve all the main Risk Factors for kidney disease, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.
Actually, this is one of the few home remedies that can even help kidney patients in stage 5.
Because if you suffer from Itchy Skin as a complication of CKD, Omega 3s can alleviate it.
So, if you’re not getting enough omega 3s already, either from food or supplements, this could be a great moment to start.
And there’s another reason why I’m telling you that everyone should get more omega 3s.
This is because it’s so hard for someone with kidney disease to reach the Recommended Daily Intake, or RDI, for this essential nutrient.
Just like vitamins, omega 3 has a minimum quantity you should get every day.
If you don’t get this quantity, you’ll start to have symptoms such as skin and hair problems, but also fatigue, trouble sleeping, cardiocirculatory problems and even depression.
And fighting kidney disease is already hard, but it can become an impossible battle if you also have to struggle with depression.

Now, the best way to get more omega 3s is from food, especially fatty fish.
Mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies, salmon are all good sources of omega 3s.
And you should definitely include them in your diet.
Eating them two or three times per week would be best.
Now, in a renal diet you should also limit protein. And these fishes are very rich in protein.
So it’s unlikely that you will be able to get all the Omega 3s that you need just from the diet.

That’s why many people prefer to also use omega 3s supplements.
Now, when we talk about omega 3 supplements, the main thing you should look at is the EPA and DHA content.
You need between 250 and 1.000 mg of combined EPA and DHA per day.
250mg is the bare minimum, it’s the dose you need to avoid depression and the other problems correlated to a lack of omega 3s in the diet.
This dosage has no side effects.
If you go up to 1.000 mg per day, you can start to benefit from the heart healthy properties of this supplement.
If you want to read the studies I’m basing these numbers on, my sources are in description.
Now, according to the FDA, dosages up to 3.000 mg per day are safe, but the side effects are going to be more noticeable.
Upset stomach, heartburn or diarrhea may be experienced in some cases.
Not really common, actually, especially if you take the pills on a full stomach, which I strongly recommend.
Still, consult your doctor and double check that the medications you’re taking are not going to have interactions with this supplement.
But there are no side effect if you get omega 3s from food.
This is why I always recommend to get your nutrients from food, and only if that’s not possible, from supplements.
Actually, omega 3s is the only supplement of today’s video.
Because, in my opinion, the most useful home remedy is

Garlic has been used as a remedy for centuries.
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about garlic is it’s powerful immune boosting properties.
And this is a proven benefit of allicin, the powerful plant compound in garlic.
So, if you don’t like catching colds, you may already have a reason to like garlic.

And, most important, it also has several benefits for people suffering from kidney disease.

  • It can lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes.
  • it can lower blood pressure
  • it can fight oxidative stress
  • it can fight high cholesterol, in determinate conditions.

It’s clear that the combined effect of these 4 benefits can be dramatic in slowing down the progression of CKD.
Especially the effects on blood pressure of garlic are comparable to those of the most common anti-hypertension drugs – but without the side effects.
And let’s be clear on this: you cannot repair kidney damage and slow down the progression of CKD without having your blood pressure under control.

Now, there are even studies suggesting eating a clove of raw garlic a day can significantly lower cholesterol levels.
In a study, published on the international journal of prevention medicine, people with high cholesterol level had very significant results when eating 20 grams of garlic per day with a tablespoon of lemon juice.

And while there’s the need for more testing before confirming these findings, you may still consider adding garlic to your diet, because the other properties it has are very well documented.
It can really do wonders for people with high blood pressure or diabetes.

Remember that to get these benefits, you should eat raw, uncooked garlic.
Also, crush or slice all your garlic before you eat it. This increases the allicin content.
When shopping for groceries, opt for fresh garlic from the produce section of your market because preservatives may be added to bottled garlic and processing may decrease some of its strength.

And, if you don’t like the odor garlic causes, you can also consider the possibility of getting the allicin you need from garlic supplements.
Actually, many studies on garlic utilize aged supplements – which are considered more effective than other garlic preparations.
As an added bonus, some of these supplements can entirely solve the problem of the bad odor garlic can cause.
I’m leaving a link in description if you want to know more.
The only problem with supplements is that fresh, crushed garlic is more effective when it comes to fight blood pressure and cholesterol.
So, try the real thing, at the lowest dosage first and then, if you can’t bear the smell garlic cause, try the supplement.

I also wanted to recommend baking soda, actually, because it’s a tremendously effective home remedy.
But not everyone should be taking it, because it has some side effects, unlike the home remedies I have shown you today.
But it’s still a tremendously effective home remedy. So, if you want to know if baking soda can help you, this video here is for you.
And stay tuned, because a new video is coming next Tuesday!
I hope you enjoyed today’s video, thank you for watching.

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