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Published on November 28th, 2016 | by Michaelw


The Kidney Cleanse Tea

This Kidney Cleanse tea is one of the best things I’ve discovered during my journey to get out of kidney dialysis.
This kidney detox tea is suitable for vegans and will help kidney patients as well as people who needs to just purify their kidneys.




Ingredients and where to get them: Youtube video description


how to do a complete kidney cleanse with four herbs
This is the powerful Kidney Cleanse Drink your kidneys need.
So, you are already drinking lots of water,
have removed processed foods
and added more vegetables to your diet.
Good!!! … but there’s a chance your kidneys still need to be detoxified!

This kidney detox tea is suitable for vegans, completely gluten free, and will not just heal kidneys and urinary tract – but will provide an healthy amount of antioxidants and minerals to your body.
Ingredients for the kidney detox tea
First thing, supply all the following ingredients from a trusted brand. All the ingredients should be certified organic and GMO free.
You will also need an heat resistant glass teapot and purified water.


  • 1 Horsetail
    Also called shavegrass, since the times of the ancient Roman, Horsetail has been known for its diuretic properties. It has been used as a folk remedy by several cultures.
    in the modern age its benefits as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic and astringent are widely supported by scientific evidences.
    While it can be consumed as a pill supplement, we will use the dried aerial parts to make this powerful kidney cleanse tea.
  • 2 Marshmallow Root
    Marshmallow root is known to release in the body a very high quantity of the antioxidant glucuronoxylan. It can ease swelling in the urinary tract and in the other mucus membranes of the body.
    Its diuretic properties reduce the buildup of toxins and minerals in the kidneys and the retention of water in the body, reducing bloating.
    Marshmallow root has been proven very helpful herb not just for the kidneys and urinary tract, but for many part of the human body.
  • 3 Uva-Ursi
    Also called ‘bearberry,’ uva-ursi has been widely used as an alternative to antibiotics to fight urinary tract infections and to support kidney health. Its active compound, Arbutin, will neutralize unwanted organism and soothe the urinary tract.
  • 4 Goldenrod
    Goldenrod has been proven helpful for the urinary tract and the kidneys.
    It helps removing the harmful organisms that may damage the tissues.
    Its action tones the urinary while detoxifying the kidneys.
    It has no side effects and any patient can benefit from its properties.

How to make the kidney cleanse tea
Remember to put all the ingredients in air tight containers after you open the bags. Always follow directions for correct food preservation.
Prepare the tea the day before and let it soak overnight. Do not use distilled water or tap water, but just purified water.
Put the following quantities in a glass pot
-Horsetail one tablespoons
-Marshamallow root half tablespoon
-Uva ursi half tablespoon
-Goldenrod one tablespoon
Add two cups of purified water.
Let it soak for the night.
In the morning bring the pot to a simmer for 6 minutes. Strain and serve.
You can drink the tea when it’s still warm, but it is better to drink the two cups during the day.
If you want, it is possible to add some honey or brown sugar.
In case your doctor gave you a fluid allowance, always include this tea in that allowance.
Keep in mind that this is a very powerful recipe, and even if most of the people experience no symptom at all, there’s a chance of mild discomfort and stiffness in the low back. There’s also a chance of strong smelling or darkening of the urines.
Don’t be alarmed, as this only means that the tea is working. In fact, this indicates a major release of toxins and minerals that are leaving the kidneys trough the urinary tract.
The symptoms should pass in a few days.
This kidney cleanse tea is pretty gentle, it works gradually and needs some time, and the chance of symptoms is pretty small.
Best part is that, in just a week, you will be amazed by the results.
Feel free to post a comment about how things went with the kidney cleanse tea!
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Thank you for watching!

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