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Published on October 28th, 2014 | by Michaelw


Causes and treatments for kidney pain and lower back pain

Lower back pain and kidney pain: causes and treatments

Kidney pain is a discomfort that is sometimes transitory, which manifests itself suddenly and for a variety of reasons.
In most cases kidney pain is related to kidney disease, but there are other factors which can cause kidney pain and lower back pain.

The kidneys have the function to clean the blood from waste material that is produced by the body and which needs to be eliminated.

The root causes of kidney pain could be numerous:

  • tumors
  • the formation of kidney stones
  • menstrual cycle
  • kidney disease
  • muscular pain
  • flank pain


It is often possible to identify the trigger of kidney pain starting on its type.
To better understand the origin of kidney pain it is a good idea to take an overview of the health conditions, so other symptoms can be traced back to the correct diagnosis.

In case kidney pain becomes continuous and lasts for days, it is a good idea to consult a doctor.
If kidney pain is accompanied by flatulence, most likely it is simply irritated and swollen colon that pushes on the kidneys, causing pain.

In case kidney pain is strong and also propagates throughout the abdomen and leg and urinating causes pain it is most likely kidney stones or urinary tract infection and you need to go hospital or arrange in-depth examinations with your doctor.
In some cases kidney pain is caused by dehydration and it disappear simply by drinking more.
If it is an illness linked to an irritated colon can help a painkiller.
When it comes to kidney stones, as well as a strong hydration you need to understand if it is deemed necessary to remove the kidney stones or if it is sufficient a controlled ejection under medical supervision.

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