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Published on November 26th, 2014 | by Michaelw


Renal diet for the health of your kidneys

Renal Diet could be what makes the difference between an healthy kidney and a damaged one. Here’s how to make your own renal diet.

  • The best renal diet for your kidneys

  • How to create a renal diet right for your specific condition
  • hints and tips for creating a diet for the health of your kidneys
  • symptoms to be aware of when designing a renal diet

In this article we will get the basics of something that’s essential for anybody being affected by kidney failure, impaired kidney function, or on dialysis: a balanced and healthy diet for the renal system.

  • Renal Diet – the basics


    What you should always keep in mind is that the reward for following the proper diet and therapy for kidney disease is as great as having your whole life back. Never get discouraged!
    I am among those blessed persons. I got my life back, no more dialysis for me. You can read my story here.

  • A diet that improves kidneys health

    Below are some of the guidelines meant to individuals in the earlier stages of renal disease:

    • Get enough Kcal if losing weight
    • Starting a low-protein diet plan
    • Strictly control fluids
    • NO salt, NO phosphorous, NO potassium

    You dr. has probably told you to avoid sodium intake. This is
    because sodium and salty foods will raise blood
    pressure, and that could cause problems to the kidneys.
    So, potassium in diet will be restricted too.
    Diseased kidneys have problems managing it and removing the
    excesses from the blood.

    For who is on dialysis, using too much potassium is risky for
    the heart, it could even cause death. Dialysis patients need
    to avoid such meals as bananas, avocados, dried fruit, kiwis, as they are high in potassium.

    So, this renal diet may be low on vitamins.

    Still, who is on dialysis must not get supplements
    sold in the supermarket, they may contain vitamins or
    minerals which can be harmful. Doctors may perhaps recommend the right
    mineral and vitamin pills.


  • What to eat and what NOT to eat

    At this point is clear what we should never eat, but how can we reach the right amount of calories for maintaining body weight and overall health?

    • CARBOHYDRATES are often considered the ideal source of energy for a diet, but you ought reduce them if you have diabetes (common in kidney patients) or weight issues. You may be doing a low-protein diet, so carbohydrates can be use to replace proteins. Fruit, bread, whole grains, vegetables are ideal source of carbohydrates, vitamin and fiber
    • FATS are the most caloric macro-nutrient. Eat them, but watch the quantities. Prefer monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (extra virgin olive oil, canola, safflower oil) over the saturated fats. Always try to avoid insalubrious trans fats.
    • PROTEIN If you are not on kidney dialysis, your doctor may have ordered you a low protein diet (1gr of protein/kg of body weight). Remember that even low protein foods still contain proteins, so always count them in.
  • Some symptoms to be considered

    I’ve met people who had kidney disease for thirty years without noticing. Then, situation got worse and they were diagnosed with Chronic kidney disease. That’s why you doctor will always recommend doing periodic blood works. Every condition will be easier to treat if ahead of time. Also, you should mind some non-specific symptoms of kidney disease:

    Kidney disease patients can also experience chronic back pain, blood or alternation in urine, nausea, vomiting.

A lot of people are not aware that the most frequent causes of kidney disease and kidney failure is
the long term utilization of pharmaceutical drugs and medications.
Also constant contact with pesticides and other toxins in the environment could be very dangerous for your kidneys.
Remember, it is always better to prevent than curing.

Read how I’ve reversed kidney disease for good.

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  1. Sharonne says:

    would love your book on curing kidney disease. On dialysis and feeling crook. Only one kidney working. Thank you

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    my name is librada m estrella from philippines i also need messges how cure my kidney i always eat bell pepper here and cucumber

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    I live in Toronto. Interested in program. Just started dialysis but would like to be of dialysis . 647-786-1870

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    I’m very interested in this program. My grandmother is in the later stages of kidney failure. They want to start dialysis asap and I want to put her on an appropriate diet so we can avoid dialysis. She means the world to US. She’s a mother to 11 children and couple dozen grandchildren and a few great grandchildren and a great great grandchild. We are not ready to let her go. Please please please, I beg you, help our beloved grandmother.
    Thank You Thank You

  5. si says:

    I m very interested in your program. My sister has been on dialysis since last year. Now she has dialysis twice a week and hardly urine.
    Can you suggest how to attend your program.
    I m looking forward to your reply.

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