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Published on February 18th, 2020 | by Michaelw


Reversing Kidney Disease: Lies Exposed

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What if everything they told you about reversing kidney disease is a lie?
I mean, the first thing they tell you about kidney disease is that it cannot be reversed.
Is it true?

There are a couple of comments I want to read you very quickly
Your videos really helped me a lot from ckd stage 4 now it’s only stage 2 I’m getting better
I want to read you this one real quick
I didn’t know this could be done I’m 52 stage 4 and the doctor and specialists I went to always told me I need to wait for my kidneys to fail to get a transplant
I started watching the viedos and talking with the people here
Well the great news is that I actually had an improvement in my GFR
Let’s read a comment here on 00kidney
I’m stage 3b male 63 my creatinine was 3.44 now is 2.12 incredible
It was all thanks your advice and the book you always talk about
There a comment here on 00kidney I want to read you
Katherine your book about kidney disease is the best thing that ever happened to me
In no more than 6 month my creatinine went from 3.71 to 2.2 I’m in stage 2 now and this is the first improvement I’ve seen in years

welcome to 00kidney
Today’s video is going to be controversial. But I think that there are things about reversing kidney disease that people need to know, because I feel you have been lied to.
Today’s video is all about the lies people, acquaintances, the internet and even doctors tell you about kidney disease
There are 5 lies about kidney disease and kidney failure you should recognize if you want the chance to improve your kidney health. I’ve ranked them in a top 5, the most dangerous lies people believe in.

5) Nobody can reverse kidney disease.
Yes, this is a lie.
This is the first thing they always tell people when they get diagnosed with this illness.
They say that there’s no going back.
I know why a lot of doctors prefer not to give patients expectations to avoid giving them false hope.
I understand this kind of mentality, really, they want you to be prepared for the worst so when the worst doesn’t happen it’s a gift.
It’s a very common way of thinking for doctors.
The problem is that when people find out they have kidney disease, they’re confused, worried and really, really scared.
I see this happening all the times.
Chances are their doctors told them their future consists of either dialysis or a transplant.
Well, for many patients, that can be a lie.
There’s a third option. You can fight the disease. You can stay strong and fight kidney disease, and if you don’t lose hope, you may even beat it and find a way to reverse kidney disease.

But remember that the battle for kidney disease is a mental one.
It takes a lot of strength and dedication and even motivation to keep going on and keep facing every day when there’s a disease putting a shadow on everything in your life.
And it is normal to be afraid and it is normal to feel down.
But you have to know that you can fight it. But you need to be strong.

And remember that if you know anyone that has just been diagnosed with kidney disease or that is struggling with it, send them this video now, this info can help them too.

The second very important lie about kidney disease is
4) Home remedies are only going to cause damage to the kidneys
Well, this is a lie.
A lot of doctors tells their patients to absolutely avoid any kind of home remedy.
Because that’s just going to cause more damage to the kidneys.
Well, this is a lie.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a lot of home remedies can cause damage. A lot.
This is why you have to be careful and get informed and talk to your doctor before taking anything.
But there are things that work.
Sodium bicarbonate is the first example of this.
Yes, I’m talking about baking soda.
It’s a very interesting fact, in my opinion, that this very cheap home remedy was tested and proven by studies to slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease.
A treatment based on sodium bicarbonate was tested over a period of a year and the results in loss of kidney function was compared to patients who received only standard care.
The decline of kidney function in patients who took baking soda was two third slower than those in the control group.
This means that the kidney disease patients who took baking soda supplements during this study were almost able to completely stop the progression of kidney disease.
The study also showed that treated patients were less likely to develop end-stage renal failure.
There are even studies showing that taking baking soda can lower potassium levels quickly in people with hyperkalemia.
Now, after this study other researches were made and scientists were even able to motivate this finds and tell us why sodium bicarbonate is so effective in stopping kidney disease.
The reason is metabolic acidosis, a very common condition in kidney disease patients.
I won’t go too much in deep about this because I’ve made a video about baking soda, and I’ve explained how to use it and most of all who can use it safely.
You can find a link in description, if you want to know more.
And there is also a link to the studies I’ve cited, so you can verify my sources.
The point here is that baking soda is safe and it works, proving that there are, actually, home remedies that can fight kidney disease.
Question, have you ever used baking soda? How and why? Let me know in comment section!

Another home remedy that’s proven to work and will refute the lie that all home remedies are unsafe is omega 3.
There are a lot of benefits from taking Omega 3 fatty acids: they Can Fight Depression and Anxiety, Can Improve Eye Health, can lower the risk for heart disease and stroke, can fight inflammation, age related decline, can lower fat in the liver, can improve sleep, can improve bone and joint health… Omega 3s can even alleviate menstrual pain and fight cancer.
All these benefits have been studied and proven real.
But most of all, Omega 3s have been found by recent studies to be able to lower hypertension as much as lifestyle changes such as exercising more, cutting back on salt, or limiting alcohol.
Omega 3 can even be helpful in fighting uremic pruritus, the itch caused by ckd, in patients.
Again, there are studies proving this, you can see the links here in my slide and you can read the sources in the link in description.
These studies were made on kidney disease patients in controlled clinical settings.
My point here is that there are home remedies that work and can help you. So if anyone tells you that home remedies are always dangerous, they’re either lying or misinformed.

Here’s another very, very dangerous lie about reversing kidney disease you may have stumbled upon.

Number 3, there is a fast and easy solution for chronic kidney disease
Yes, unfortunately, this is a lie.
Now, you may have seen a lot of videos on Youtube or articles on the internet promising you to improve kidney function in a fast and easy way.
Just take this pill, just buy this … essential oil… they say … and all your troubles will be gone.
Well, they are lying.
I’ll be blunt here, but there’s no easy solution for chronic kidney disease. There’s no magic pill, unfortunately.
People won’t be doing dialysis and won’t be suffering from this disease if there was an easy solution, right?
And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t fight for your health or that there’s no way to improve.
Just that.. it is not gonna be easy.
I’ve been saying this a million times in my videos, if you want to improve you need dedication, knowledge and hard work.
There’s no other way.
And today I’ll also show you why.

This is a kidney.
It is a collection of tiny blood vessels that connect to filters.
Each kidney has 1 million of these filters, these are called the nephrons.
I’ll get to the point very quickly now, don’t worry.
But I really need you to understand how complicated and powerful the human kidney is to prove my point.

So all these filters are there for a purpose. To filter the blood.
But saying that they just filter is reductive

This is the same thing just zoomed in.
This is the filtering unit of the kidney, the nephron. A million of these make a kidney.

Blood get’s there, these filters remove the toxins and scores and they put them in the urine, while the clean blood gets back to the rest of the body.

The tubule here is what usually gets damaged in case of renal failure.
The fluid that leaves a blood vessel through a filter goes to this tubule, where the kidney decide which chemicals get removed and which get drawn back to the body.
It’s a complex process that the kidney does millions times a day.
So, basically we are talking about an incredibly sophisticated filter that works on a microscopic level.

Now, the very important point:
The cells of those tubules exist on the brink of harm.
They have just enough oxygen, just enough sugar to survive. If anything interrupts their blood flow, even briefly, they are injured.
And let’s understand that these are the cells that have to filter anything we put in our bodies, toxins, drugs, sugar… and these things can damage them.

So picture a string tied around a finger, cutting off the blood flow.
If that string was in place for a couple seconds, upon removing it there would be no sign it was ever there.
But if it were tight for a day, the cells of the finger would die.

The finger would never work. It would blacken, shrivel…you get the picture.
Now, there’s not just one cell in the kidney, there are billions.
This is why recovery from kidney disease is so unpredictable.
How many cells have been damaged? For how long?

So, the point here is that you will never be able to repair this wonderful and incredibly complicated machine that our kidneys are with some essential oil or other snake oils, ok?

But if you get the right therapy, the right renal diet and the right lifestyle choices, it’s clear that at least some damage can be repaired.
Just don’t get fooled and don’t fall for the lies people tell you.

Now, even if you have chronic kidney disease, not everything is lost.
So never stop fighting for your health.

And there’s another very serious lie we should talk about now.
This is something people are even more prone to believe in, because it’s what our medicine is based on.

Number 2 Prescription drugs are always safe.
Yes, this is a lie.
They aren’t.
Anything you take goes trough your kidneys.
And some will damage THEM.
The problem with prescription drugs is that they are just the safest route in many cases.
So, absolutely don’t avoid taking your pills just because I’m saying that they can cause kidney damage.
If your doctor prescribed them it’s because you need them.
But a lot of drugs and pills have been proven to cause kidney damage and I think people should know about this.
I’m talking about

– Cholesterol medications known as “statins”.
Statins have been linked to acute kidney damage by a large study.
Even in healthy people, taking high doses of statins may increase the chance of developing kidney problems.
Statins are also used in people with high blood pressure, and since high blood pressure is a cause of kidney disease it’s easy to understand why Statins are dangerous, alright?
– Pain medications and NSAIDs. Like Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve but even Aspirin and other.
some over-the-counter and prescription pain medications, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), are dangerous because they reduce blood flow to the kidneys.
Especially when used to manage chronic pain, these drugs have been shown to cause serious kidney problems.
These do not require any prescription so patients usually think that they are safe.
Well they are not. There are several studies proving that these drugs damage your kidneys, can increase your blood pressure and that these are even harmful to your heart.
Narcotic pain medications are even more dangerous, since they can build up in the body and cause serious problems for patients with chronic kidney disease.
– Antibiotics. People with chronic kidney disease should be very careful with Aminoglycoside antibiotics.
These are a type of broad-spectrum, bactericidal antibiotics that are commonly prescribed.
And they are known for causing kidney injury-even at low doses.
People suffering from chronic kidney disease or those who have been taking these antibiotics for a long time are at particularly high risk.
The most toxic is neomycin, followed by gentamicin, tobramycin, and amikacin
– Proton pump inhibitor. Like Prilosec, Nexium, Pentaprozole.
These are used for heartburn and acid reflux.
For these drugs too there’s, at least, an association with increased risk of kidney damage, so be very careful with these too. PPI is a very big class of drugs, there’s not just Prilosec, Nexium and Pentaprozole, so be careful.
These antacid medications can disrupt the body’s electrolyte balance if you have chronic kidney disease. And can even cause kidney damage in healthy people, according to a large population-based study, ok?

Now, the link to the studies I’ve cited is in description as usual, if you want to read them.

Remember that if your healthcare provider gives you a prescription for any of these drugs, you should always ask if there’s a good reason why you’re taking it and also be sure to never exceed the recommended dosage ok?
Bottom line is if you are suffering from chronic kidney disease, you are more at risk than others, since every single drug you put in your body goes through your kidneys.
Taking the wrong drug, or taking more medications than needed, will cause damages to your kidneys.
Both prescription and over-the-counter medications are filtered by the kidneys.
This means that your kidneys have to go through any drug or pill you put into your body.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that you should stop taking the medications your doctor prescribed you.
Because that could be even worse than the damage these medications can cause.
When a doctor prescribes you something is always a risk versus benefit situation.
And, usually doctors know what they’re doing.

Time for our number 1, the most dangerous lie people believe about reversing kidney disease.

It is

You don’t have to be informed.
You’re just a patient, and in the eye of a lot of doctors, the less you know, the less you’re going to interfere with the treatment they administered you.
This is the standard approach, as you may already know.
But the standard approach is also to wait for the patient to reach stage 5 of CKD, so they can start dialysis.
I’m asking you, is that what you want for yourself, knowing that there could be an alternative?

This is why you must learn to take care of yourself the best you can.
And I’m not just talking about eating better or doing some physical exercise here.
If your health fails, it can overshadow everything else that’s going on in your life.
This is why having a better understanding of your illness and how to treat it can have a big impact on your health too.

Want to keep learning about kidney disease? Watch this video now.
This is all for today, thank you for watching.

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