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Published on November 28th, 2014 | by Michaelw


Step By Step Guide Kidney Diet

Learn the importance of the right kidney diet trough this step by step easy to follow guide

The kidneys are internal organs which keep your blood clean and within appropriate chemical stability. Everyday, your kidneys dig through 200 quarts of blood stream to eliminate around 2 quarts of harmful toxins in addition to excess waters, according to the NKUDIC (National Kidney Urologic and Disease Information Clearinghouse).

Should your kidney function be damaged due to traumas, illness or even toxins, an healthy and balanced kidney diet can support your own wellness during and after treatments.

For best results, talk with your doctor about any change in your diet

My personal thought

I know this could be really daunting, kidney disease is a thing
that changes your whole life for the worse.
Do nott get discouraged, hope is NOT lost: read my story, how I reversed my chronic kidney disease

In case of kidney disease what should you eat?


  • Proteins provides amino acids, a basement for lean tissue. Protein-rich foods improve cells recover, which is crucial in
    case your own renal system is dealing with a trauma or even disease, strong defense mechanisms, which safeguards kidneys from diseases.
    Who has kidney disease, should be pointed from a medical professional to a low-protein renal diet to reduce the quantity of scum of your blood.
    It is a good thing to obtain protein via animal-derived meals, such as lean meats, poultry, fish and low-fat dairy products, vegetable sources, like beans.
    If your physician has told you to restricting dairy products high in phosphorus, chose meat,
    seafood and poultry frequently. Fish like albacore salmon, tuna, sardines, herring, are supplying omega-3 which can reduce inflammation.
  • Unsaturated fats like those from avocados, oil, olive or canola oil, nuts, seeds… aid your metabolism with certain nutrients, increase thinking functions and supply energy for low- to moderate-intensity exercising.
    Some dietary restrictions in a renal diet may result in not sufficient caloric intake. The National Kidney Foundation points to adding more unsaturated fats in those cases.
  • Whole Grains, whole wheat, oats, bulgur, millet, brown rice, popcorn, wild rice, are a good source of fiber and nutrients. Whole grains are resources for handling your blood pressure.
  • Vegetables and Fruit are an excellent antioxidants supply, useful for safeguarding from infections or illness. Antioxidants help healing kidney problems. NKUDIC recommends adding fiber rich foods every day in case you have early-stage kidney disease

Foods to be avoided with kidney disease

  • Foods rich in Potassium aggravate kidney problems, examine the product labels of meals to make certain they do not contain any potassium
  • Salty Foods cause problems to the kidney function and should be avoided.
  • Dairy Products like milk or cheese have to be consumed in small amounts in case of kidney problem

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    I need help because I am on dialysis three time per week, and I want help. I am a diabetic.

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