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Published on February 22nd, 2016 | by Michaelw


How Kidney Stones could kill your Kidneys

Kidney Stones are not just tremendously painful, they could be lethal. This is what emerges from a recent study conducted at the university of Maryland. It has been shown that in various patients Kidney Disease is a direct consequence of Kidney Stones.
Kidney stones are more common than most people realize. About 10% of Americans have a kidney stone at least once in their lives. Some of them have it multiple times. In some cases, the stone is shrunk within a couple of weeks with the help of some medication and a few precautions. But if not identified and treated in an early stage, it can even cause kidney failure, which is deadly. This is more than enough to establish how serious stones are. Now let’s talk about the relation between kidney disease and kidney stone.

If you think that kidney stone is a type of kidney disease, you are wrong. In case of a stone, your kidney is not actually sick. It is healthy and works properly aside from the obstruction due to stone. Though they are not the same things, both of them are very closely related. In fact, in some cases one increases the chances of existence of the other. Here we are going to discuss such cases. Also, will talk about the chance of developing kidney stones in kidney disease patients. So let’s start with the basics.

The basics of a kidney stone

When a stone like object gets formed inside the kidney, it is called a kidney stone. Every stone is different. Besides varying in shape and size, it also varies in composition. This means that, stones are made from different minerals. The minerals that most commonly pass through the kidney are calcium, cysteine, struvite and uric acid. Stone is formed from one of them. Very rarely there is a stone formed from a mineral other than these.

Minerals are good for our body. They are present in the water we drink and also in the water that is inside our body. But it is good only up to a certain limit. If the concentration of a particular mineral in water increases, a stone is formed inside the kidney from that mineral. This increase of concentration can happen due to two reasons. First is decrease in quantity of water and second is increase in quantity of minerals. So, these are the causes of stones. In most cases, a kidney stone forms out only because you are not drinking enough water.

The basics of kidney disease

A kidney disease is said to have occurred when the organ has gotten sick due to infection or something else. In most cases, infection reaches the kidney through urinary tract. If a urinary infection is not treated in time, it starts moving upwards. Other than infection, it can also be caused because of lack of nutrition. If a person is not consuming all the nutrients needed to keep the kidney healthy, he can get a kidney disease. Main functions of this organ are to clean the blood and keep a balance of body fluids. A kidney can get sick if it has to do too much work. If you take a lot of toxins, it get mixed with your blood and kidney is bound to give up at some point.

Old age is also a common cause for kidney disease. Most of the kidney diseases are actually very minor issues. Taking precautions and medicines make things better.

But in case of a chronic kidney disease, patient has to go through dialysis consistently. And, they say, there is no way out of CKD. But, you know, I can’t agree with them.

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